Scholarships Manager/Deputy Team Leader, Port Moresby

Australia Awards PNG

¨Your opportunity to contribute to one of the largest scholarship programs funded by AusAID¨

Your chance to apply your skills and experience to managing a large and diverse scholarships program covering both international and in country scholarships.

Funded by AusAID as part of the Australian Government’s official overseas aid program, Scholarships PNG delivers three programs: international Australia Awards (long-term and short-term); in-country Australia Awards; and a local Professional Development Initiatives (PDI).

The PNG Australia Awards program is one of the largest scholarship programs funded by AusAID.

The Scholarships Manager/Deputy Team Leader (DTL) is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Australia Awards Scholarships program for AusAID.

In this role, the Scholarships Manager/DTL will provide effective day-to-day leadership and management of the scholarships team to achieve the required outcomes across all of the Australia Awards PNG awards.The Scholarships Manager / DTL will work in consultation with the entire Australia Awards PNG team to:

  • manage Australia Awards PNG staff and stakeholders to implement, monitor and enhance through continuous improvement processes, the required systems and procedures to manage AusAID’s scholarships programs in PNG, including taking a leading role in the implementation of the Australia Awards PNG Management Information System
  • manage the implementation of all components of the scholarships cycle including promotion, selection, mobilisation, on-award support, including variation management and reintegration
  • liaise with Australia Awards PNG Professional Development Initiatives staff to integrate profiling, reintegration and graduate assessment into the scholarships cycle

This role is based in Port Moresby, PNG and is a contract position starting as soon as possible and continuing  until 31 March 2015.

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This position is funded by AusAID and is defined as C3 under the Adviser Remuneration Framework.

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Applications close on 9 September 2013.

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