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Wood is sourcing a Geotechnical Engineer to join our team in PNG and based at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant.

Wood is sourcing a Geotechnical Engineer to join our team in PNG and based at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant. To successfully execute this role, you will demonstrate strong leadership skills and ensure that all within the project are aligned to a common goal, delivering performance objectives in a safe and timely manner.

Reporting to the Construction Superintendent, Pipeline, the successful incumbent will be responsible for identifying, locating and inspecting geo-hazards along the route of the pipeline and map; performing stability analysis where required, recommending treatments in accordance with field procedures for the project; assist with advice in project meetings with the pipeline contractor and ROW stabilization contractor and monitor construction processes for compliance or implementation of measures necessary to ensure that the stability and integrity of ROW, work site and land adjacent to the ROW is maintained and any issues relating to this identified and works needed for rectification identified.


  • Become familiar with Landslide Hazard Assessment Report, document reference PGHU-SCGRHAZ, Terrain stability classifications and other relevant site reports, testing processes and assessments of the route selection and hazard identification
  • Carry out preconstruction survey to familiarize with prior work and conditions and known geo-hazards and identify any new ones
  • Inspect site and affected land during grubbing and clearing to identify unstable land and sinkholes
  • Carry out stability assessments of steep land adjacent or within Right of Way and identify what additional work or construction measures if any are required over and above those already designed for
  • Carry out routine inspections during construction on land stability including works to enhance stability, and work site hazards of a geotechnical nature
  • Inspect site during significant events such as heavy rain or earthquakes to check on any change of conditions and define emergency or remedial measures required
  • Define and initiate the process to carry out further geotechnical investigations if required for project and site integrity
  • Inspect for compliance with ITPs as they relate to geotechnical or earthworks issues
  • Write reports in a timely and succinct manner to allow rapid response
  • Attend and report to site progress meetings

Experience and qualifications

  • Tertiary qualification in geotechnical studies, recognized for admission to a national certifying professional organization accepted by the Client
  • At least 2 years’ experience in landslide hazard identification methods, stability analysis and assessment and protocols
  • Experience in hazard mapping, writing reports and presenting reports within a client /contractor environment
  • Good interpersonal communication and liaison skills
  • Experience with working and living in remote areas under construction camp conditions.
  • Capability to handle unusual events and remain calm and focused including issues regarding security and land ownership, especially in PNG or similar environment.
  • Capability to work within a management chain of authority and accountability, but with the ability to make sound decisions in emergency or in time critical situations. Knowing how and when to inform the management chain of the situation.

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