Opportunity knocks: crocodile & cow hide tanning project


A company in East Sepik Province is looking for partnership agreements to grow its tannery facility.

The proponents of the company are looking for a potential investor to partner in downstream processing and marketing of tanned crocodile and cow hides.

At this stage, the project owner is seeking partnership arrangement with investor/partners to build the capacity of its tannery processing facilities and to bring necessary skills and equipment in downstream processing of crocodile leather products for the local market. He is looking at the local market in the short to medium term, and the export market in the long term.

The project site is located on State land and the project owner has traditional rights to the riverine as well as access to the villages and the local population.

He has the capacity to produce more than 50 tanned crocodile skins in a year at his facility. However, he seeks to increase that output and to use the skins for production at the site.

Necessary information and documents such as business plan, company profile as well as IPA and IRC certificate’s concerning the project are available upon request.


The project involves crocodile and cow hide tanning. It is a rural based operation which started in 1999.

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The project site is located in the Pagwi Government Station area of Wosera-Gawi District, East Sepik Province. This site is within the Sepik River riverine. The Sepik River is the longest river on the island of New Guinea. The Sepik River is home to some of the world’s largest fresh crocodile populations.

The project began after the realization of the value from leather products that can be made from crocodile skins. There is huge opportunity in this venture given the population size of the crocodiles and the farming and conservative avenues that can be explored.

Project proponent: Kajama Investmet

Sector: Animal Products/Skin and Hides tanning

Location: Pagwi Government Station. Gawi Local Level Government, Wosera-Gawi District, East Sepik Province

Project size/Investment Value: US$20, 000

Contact details

Rodney Awai

Tel: +675 72710354


PO Box 5053

Boroko, 111, NCD, PNG


Advertiser:  Investment Promotion Authority

Website: https://www.ipa.gov.pg
Email:  investment@ipa.gov.pg