Chief Executive Officer


Finance Corporation Limited is inviting professional to apply for the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Our client, Finance Corporation Limited is undertaking a boundary spanning strategic transformation endeavour that intends to achieve three interrelated goals: 1) realign and achieve its strategic intent or vision, 2) transform the corporation with the objective to generate value, unlock future opportunities, and new efficiencies, and 3) provide benefits and high quality service to stakeholders.

Finance Corporation Limited is inviting both citizens and non-citizens professional to apply for the position of Chief Executive Officer.

The successful candidate must be a leader in their field of expertise, highly motivated, possess strong business acumen, proven experience and knowledge of business transformation and strategic planning and operationalization, and transparent in all past and present business transactions.

Job requirements

  • Must be able to avail themselves to Board and Committee meetings when required
  • Must display a willingness to work with the Shareholder, Board Members and Executive Management
  • Preferred University qualified in the Banking, Finance or Business fields of expertise
  • Meet ‘Fit and Proper requirements’ requirements of the company and the Bank of Papua New Guinea

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