Net gains: the new plan for Papua New Guinea’s fishing industry

Better infrastructure and a higher volume of onshore processing are the key tenets of Papua New Guinea’s new Fisheries Strategic Plan, which aims to transform the industry over the coming decade. Business Advantage PNG speaks with National Fisheries Authority Chairman Ango Wangatau to find out more.
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Subsidy changes transforming the fish processing industry in Papua New Guinea

As part of its effort to diversify the economy, the Government has shifted to subsidising fish processing in Papua New Guinea, rather than subsidising the catching of fish. It is one of the changes occurring in the industry. Three manufacturers talk about the changes and challenges PNG's fish processing industry is facing.
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ABAC identifies Papua New Guinea’s fisheries as outstanding growth area

Papua New Guinea has significant opportunities for employment and foreign exchange from its fisheries, but only if it can develop the necessary policies and infrastructure. That was the conclusion from meetings of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).
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