Twinza Chair: Pasca A deal sets up ‘strategic alliance’ with MRDC

Last month, Twinza and Mineral Resources Development Corporation signed agreements which will see MRDC acquire a major stake in Pasca A, Papua New Guinea’s first offshore gas project. Twinza Executive Chairman Stephen Quantrill tells Business Advantage PNG the deal also paves the way for further cooperation.
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Newmont CEO affirms Wafi-Golpu ‘will be developed’

Newmont Corporation's Tom Palmer tells Business Advantage PNG that Papua New Guinea fits well within company’s strategy, but cautions that the prospective Wafi-Golpu copper-gold project will need to compete for capital with other projects in portfolio.
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Enga landslide: what business needs to know

The Porgera gold mine is operating without restrictions, following the tragic Papua New Guinea landslide which hit nearby. Meanwhile, New Porgera Limited and other PNG businesses are contributing to relief efforts, reports Nadav Shemer Shlezinger.
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Papua New Guinea businesses still face serious forex delays, despite interventions

PNG banks and businesses tell Business Advantage PNG of considerable variation in wait times for foreign exchange, as the country's central bank acknowledges the economic damage caused. We look at the prospects for improvement.
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No quick fix to Papua New Guinea’s law and order issues but reforms are under way, says Deputy Prime Minister

More police, prosecutors and magistrates, including some brought in temporarily from other Commonwealth countries, are key components of law and order reforms being pursued by Papua New Guinea’s government, according to Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso.
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