Opinion: Is it time for Papua New Guinea business to get serious about social media?

With an estimated one million Papua New Guineans now connected to a mobile network, is it time for companies to add social media to their marketing strategy? Digital marketing manager Andreia Brodsky outlines what you need to know about this growing marketing channel.
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Solar the key to bringing electricity to remote Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has the perfect climate for solar, and is the key to achieving an ambitious government plan to bring electricity to the 70 per cent of Papua New Guineans who currently don’t have access by 2030, according to Rick Hooper, Chief Executive Officer of Sydney-based solar company, Barefoot Power.
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How smart is your smartphone?

With 3G and wireless broadband data services increasingly more commonplace in Papua New Guinea and the region, smartphones are gaining a hold in the market. This follows a global trend: according to technology analysts Gartner Inc, smartphone sales grew by 38.3% in 2012, while overall mobile phone sales actually fell 1.7%—the first fall since 2009. Up […]
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Ebooks: a quick guide

With books so hard to come by in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, more and more people across the region are getting into ebooks: digital versions of the printed book. There are now millions of ebooks available. Comparatively cheap, easy to find and fast to download from the web (if you have a reliable […]
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