New affordable houses project in Port Moresby a model for elsewhere in Papua New Guinea


The construction of 100 affordable houses in Port Moresby will be the launchpad for similar projects elsewhere in Papua New Guinea, predicts Joe Webb, the Managing Director of Australian joint venture partner Amode.

Amode's Joe Webb

Amode’s Joe Webb

Amode has formed a 50-50 joint venture with Papua New Guinea’s Anitua Group, a landowner company based in New Ireland Province, to form Amode RCS PNG Limited.

Together they are developing an affordable housing estate at 7-Mile, near Jacksons International Airport on the Hubert Murray Highway and close to shopping centres, schools and the CBD.

The dwellings are built to Australian standards, with steel frames, aluminium skirting boards and door jambs, as well as fibre cement floors and walls.

The structure has been designed for a 50-year life, which ‘few others’ could offer in Papua New Guinea, Amode’s Managing Director, Joe Webb, tells Business Advantage PNG.

The first stage of the project involves building 100 affordable houses, 40 of which have already been built, with varying designs and styles.

‘It’s housing for the local people, the rising middle-class, not the expatriate market,’ says Webb.

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‘It will transition people out of state housing or settlements.

‘The structure has been designed for a 50-year life, which ‘few others’ could offer in Papua New Guinea.’

‘We are working through pricing and sizing for future stages at the moment. It’s potentially substantially larger but we’re not a point where we can discuss the next stages.’

RCS is also putting in a 4,400 square metre commercial precinct, which will house a supermarket, hardware store and a mezzanine level area with offices for doctors and other professionals.

‘There are several communal areas, like a pool and basketball courts and open parks and land.’

The first batch is priced between K400-500,000 as a house and land package. It’s a secure compound with perimeter fencing and sealed roads. All the infrastructure – power, water and sewage – is now in place.

Anitua ‘a natural fit’

Webb says Amode’s joint venture deal with Anitua ‘is a natural fit’.

‘We will have one or two expatriate specialists with 60-100 workers on site. We’re expecting that once we train the local people, they can take those skills to other locations across PNG.’

‘It has its own construction company and they have secured the rights to our system for the rest of PNG, including Bougainville, and Solomon Islands. The system itself is not only for housing but also education, commercial and industrial precincts as well.

A model Amode RCS PNG house

A model Amode RCS PNG house

‘Some of the building materials will come from offshore and some from onshore. The building doesn’t come as a module, but it’s a system that will be installed on site. It gives us the ability to train local people.

‘We will have one or two expatriate specialists with 60-100 workers on site. We’re expecting that once we train the local people, they can take those skills to other locations across PNG.’


‘The 7-Mile project is a launchpad for bigger plans,’ says Webb.

‘There’s been a lot of investment over the last 10 years for expatriates and executive housing and during that time a rising middle-class has developed,’ says Webb, ‘and there is a much larger market that sits below the K400-K500,000 level.

‘We want to be able to provide affordable housing from the village level to the cities like Port Moresby and Lae.

‘Given PNG’s position in the region, it’s critical to get the infrastructure – roads, housing – put in place now. We want to play our part in the education and housing now and we’re excited about the potential.’


The 7-Mile housing project is part of an ambitious O’Neill government plan to build 40,000 affordable houses in Port Moresby in the next 10 years to relieve a chronic housing shortage. The government has allocated K200million to the project, funded by China’s Exim Bank.

Mortgages are provided under a 2014 agreement between the National Government and the Bank of South Pacific, which will be able to provide housing loans to approved first home borrowers, over a 40-year term and at an interest rate of four per cent per annum.

So far, 25 loans worth K8.4 million have been approved, according to local media reports.


  1. Dean Wahembari says

    you still have any available houses? interested in 3 bedrooms

  2. serah wenogo says

    Please provide information or details of the house and pictures

  3. Pukari Maea says

    Iam interested in a two bedroom house. Please send me the cost or a brochure.

  4. Rose Vincent Shardler says

    I am also very interested in the 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom house on sale. Please send me the brochure with price listing to my email:

    Thanks in advance.

  5. I am also very interested in the 3 bedroom houses on sale. Please send me the brochure with price listing to my email:

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Ekonia Tirupia says

    Please advise quotation for a 3 bedroom self-contained house plus Freight to Rabaul.

  7. Pius Clement says

    Please supply the detail information of the homes and prices, bare land title with standard size etc.
    Thank you


  8. JOHN PETER says

    What is the current contact details for 2G Village1 7mile Jacksons Airport?

  9. Jimmy Kemoa says

    Please email me a quote for 1 x 3 bedroom hoysr design and price. Thanls

  10. Nicholas kamuti says

    Hi team. Im also interested to purchase a house with 3bed rooms .
    Pls supply vital informations that will be of help in this matter.

  11. Rabbie Lalo says

    I am interested my budget is K400,000.

    Thanks .Rabbie

  12. Clive Pole says

    I am interested, please provide information on houses ranging K300 to K400 000.

  13. Christopher Paul says

    I am interested, please email me k300 -K400 000 worth of house details

  14. Zurenga Wayongi says

    Hi team I’m so interested, could you please send me the details/design and cost of the house…

  15. Andrew Asmann says

    This regards the Public Servants Housing which need could be given priority who are in search of affordable homes in urban centers. Also might suggest (to the Building Construction Companies) that all homes be costed according to conditions the IRC and BSP are imposing on First Time Home Buyers in terms of Fees and Mortgage loan; given varying category of staffs.

  16. Gairo Kapana says

    I am really interested, can you please send me the housing package and the model worth about K300, 000 – K400, 000.

  17. Dean Baia says

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    please supply me full detail of 4 bedroom hi-set house.
    am interested.

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  20. Tau.Uamaki says

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  21. Rube Redi says

    For those who are interested, Amode’s office is at Kennedy Estate, 7 Mile – drop in and their Sales Rep will provide you the infor or details you require and also get him/her to show you in and around the existing houses so you will have a real feel of the different designs/plans.

    This way you get a much better picture and feel rather than just seeing electronic images and flyers etc..before making your decision

    A piece from my own experience: –

    Check what component of the total purchase price is for furniture. If possible ask to buy the house empty – meaning the total and final purchase price will be less the furniture price so you can furnish the house yourself.
    The advantage here is that you select the furniture according to your own liking – interestingly from my experience I was able to find much better quality furniture sets than those supplied by the vendor and of course at half price

    And lastly I prefer moving into the house soon after purchase rather than buy and wait for its construction….may be different for some but thats my preference..

  22. Catherine Benjamin says

    Hi Team,
    I am interested, please email me the plan/module of the houses ranged between K300,000.00 to K400,000.00.

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    Alice Vetu

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    Delma Pohonu Hombunaka

  31. Gabriel Kunda says

    I am looking forward to buy a famly home 3 bedroom house in pom so please can you give mi the price of a stand alone house.My buget is at k500,000.00 to k400.000.00.Regards Gabriel

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    Please supply me details of the stand alone houses and their prices and also the location .I already have my 2% housing advance deduction shown on my payslip so I urgently need the information
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    Urgently needing more information on this

  34. Interested, can you send me more information regarding the types of houses and their price? Also confirm if possible for site inspection?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  35. Diana Lusan says

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    Thank you

  36. Please send list of types of houses and cost.

  37. Vinton Lama says

    have a clear title in Pom.
    Appreciate if you can supply house drawings and prices aswell.
    budget K300,000.00 below.

  38. Doru Leong says

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  39. I am interested. Do email me the specifications and costs

  40. John Ken says

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  41. Janet J says

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    Thank you


  42. Greg Galmu says

    Can you email me the prices of each house plans and other details as m interested to purchace one

  43. Anna Golang says

    I am looking for house to buy…@ 4-500,000.00 at least in POM ..either in 7,8,9 miles area … a building on post and with in secured area ….with security fencing . Pls send me the information asap

  44. Dear Sir

    It seem to me that many people are requesting for brochures and price range of the type of houses you are building. Why don’t you use your website to publish the info so it is easily accessible rather than you emailing to every single client. I too will be very interested in your range of houses so that I can make an affordable choice depending on your price range and the different designs.


  45. Please kindly send me details of the homes and price ranges.

  46. Hi, we are interested in purchasing a house for k400 thousand, please sent information , picture of house that is currently available .

  47. Ais Pirisa says

    Hi Dear,

    Kindly forward me brochures for the houses and its price ranges.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

  48. Hi there kindly please give me full details of the houses and the prices plus specifications as well..

    Thanks Barbara

  49. Stella Popal says

    I am very interested thus living in Lae and is enquiring if similar set up will be done in Lae ?

  50. Mulina Rawali says

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  51. Anna Kimam says

    Please supply me details of homes and prices

  52. Nia Ponialou says

    I am more than interested . Could you please.send me more informations about .

  53. Hi Joe,
    This is the intervention PNG is waiting on for a very long time.
    For me personally, it does matter little if the price sours above the K400,000.00 range.
    I desperately need my own home where I can house my family and live a normal life.
    Can you send me all the necessary forms to start the acquisition process.
    Best regards

  54. Paul Greg says

    Current realty market prices are very high whilst 300/400,000 per houses is reasonable but i wonder if the prices include land & construction of the building. if so; then the house will be smaller with small parcels of land for the building compared to the picture shown.

    With output of 100 houses monthly we can only archive 12 000 out of 40 000 within the 10 years duration of the program (25%). That’s if only 1 contractor is engaged. There’s 4 major kithomes production facilities in PNG and only three is operational (1in pom & 2in lae) others produce on smaller scale. The best facility in the country has a maximum turnaround of 30 houses per month so if all the facilities combined to deliver. We’ll still fall short and most of the materials will travel by sea to construction sites; half of the production will be steel components or steel frame houses which will definitely rust within 2-3 years.

    40 000 houses @ K300/400 000 = K12/16 Billion less profits, huge budget which we can archive by borrowing but then we will only be archiving 25% only. We shall need 4x more resources to full accomplish the project. The program will be long delaying its target if only one contractor is engaged.

    My advice: Mobilize participation of all operating in sector.

    (Samting blo skelim)

  55. I have land, full clear title and wish to order/purchase one of your kit homes. Please provide cost details for your model homes… Would really appreciate that

    • Paul Greg says

      Hello Ida,

      Since you already have a land. I can assist you with a kit-home of your choice. Designs and costing available for your perisal. Note: building erection & statuory approvals is excluded or can be included if required.


  56. Mildred Waila says

    Please email me specifics of the availability of the current home sale on the market…thanks

  57. Please forward me details of home types and prices.



  58. Paul Kailou says

    I am interested, please email more detailed information about the types of houses and the prices.

    Paul Kailou

  59. Debbie Drorit says

    Please I am need to buy one house if still available. Could you please email me the costs of houses.

    Thank you

  60. NANCY TARU says

    Can yu give us contact details so we can call and see house models and enquire on cost etc?

    Am so interested


    Nancy TARU

  61. Dorothy says

    Interested, how do I apply for one of these Amode houses.

  62. Hi,
    Please supply me with prices for the houses and the types you, trying to utilize my accomodation allowance.


  63. Yvonne Silas says

    I am interested, please send me the detail of houses and the purchase prices.


  64. Vavine.R says

    Please provide details , am interested as a new home buyer

  65. Please notify me for inspection/ look see, email me relevant information the soon possible.

  66. Lester BASA says

    Please can we have such organize project in Lae, Morobe Province.

    Very interested at looking forward to in the future for such affordable price.

    Thank you
    Lester BASA

  67. Serah Nikints says

    Interested in buying a house between K300 000 & K400 000. Please send details via the information provided..

    Thanks intetested client.

  68. Jackson says

    Interested in buying house for k400,000. I need some assistance.

  69. Selina Coleman says

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    Phone 76898026

  70. Email prices and the contact numbers, interested.

  71. Edward Timan says


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    I am interested pls i would like more information on the cost and type of properties you have.

  73. I would like to have the contacts please to contact you any time when you when I am ready with the requirements/more written information

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    Please supply more info.

  75. Very interested. Please email me details


  76. Hello Phil.Arcadiou
    could you send me your email address please

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    Please supply me detail of the homes and the prices.

    Thank you.

    R. Kera

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  79. Email me details of any that is currently available to buy.

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  81. Interested, please send me details and prices.

  82. Kenneth KACHAU says

    Interested by too expensive for a average wage earner in PNG…

    • Francis Mendaki says

      Still not meeting the standard of Average Wage yearn , Therefore many average wage yearnings can’t afford and still striving to own a house in the near future. I am one of the average earners can’t get one becaus if i have applied for one house than i can’t meet the food, School fees for Children, Hospital injurance, and …….etc.
      Therefore needs review.

  83. Hebert Piwili says

    I’m interested in properties between the price range of K300-400,000.00 so please supply me with price listings and other property details like , bed room, floor area and etc.


  84. I am a Public Servant and these houses are more expensive than what I earn annually, how can the government of the day preach about providing affordable accommodation or housing for Papua New Guineas and yet a medium type house can cost K400,000.00 Plus PGK.

    Please something has to be done the government with its stakeholders, commercial Banks and the developers have to come up with a solution to help public servants, because in other words they(Public Servants) are the men on the ground that implements and moves the economy where services cannot reach.

  85. William Tiru says

    How can I get the application ,criteria for eligibility and some more information

  86. Frank Asaeli says

    Please send me more information, designs and costs.

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    Please email me details of this project as I am interested.

  88. Hi
    I’m interested in properties between the price range of K300-400,000.00 so please supply me with price listings and other property details like , bed room, floor area and etc.


  89. I think the Papua New Guineans can’t meet the requirement of home shortage. It too costly according to people working under wages. This looks like only for rich getting homes and poor living in settlements. The government need to learn from how it is done in Australia, more housing homes for people who can’t have homes. Wrong decisions made by the Png government for people with money, still not reducing the issues face today in png.

  90. Norah Ovis says

    How could we get sales prices of the homes you are selling?

  91. I am interested and would like full information on the house and how to purchase it. Please forward me the information.

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  93. Albert.Maru says

    Very much interested. Enquire for further details.


  94. Josephine Mase says

    K300,000. to K200,000. is not at all affordable for an average Papua New Guinean like me who want to provide quality housing for my small family. I have planned and prayed on buying a home for years and half of my life span is gone but I still pursue my dream come true of owning a home and I am ready to proceed with my plans next year.
    looking forward

  95. I’m enquiring about two separate things.
    1. I am interested to buy a property. Please email me more information on the design and the cost.

    2. I have a small family run professional cleaning business – we can provide construction clean up service, and carpet (vacuum & shampoo) and vinyl floor polishing.
    Email me for more information if you are interested. Thank you,

  96. Peter roy says

    I’m so interested, could you please send me the design and cost of the house…

  97. Am interested for my parents in the village, they have land, would like the cost of one of these homes.

    Thank you,

  98. Iam very interested. Please forward pricing for housing products


  99. hi, could you please email me the details as am interested in just the house costing if i were to purchase..

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    Please forward me details of pricing.

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    Thank you.

  103. Rhonda A says

    Email me pictures of sample houses and the price list and land size..

  104. Robert Yentha Bagiel says

    House & Land price between K400, 000.00 – K500, 000.00 for middle class Papua New Guineans is not affordable. Anything below K400, 000.00 is affordable. I think the term affordabilty should be re-looked at in this case.

    A hint: Land Area of 400-450 m2 is minimum for a single 3 bedroom high set house. In keeping with Physical Planning & Building Board Requirements, houses built on each allotment should be positioned to achieve maximum privacy plus the surrounding areas better utilised. Also high set houses give home owners flexibilty in rooming the underneath when family expands.

    I’m currently designing an Affordable Housing that will costs Land/House below K400, 000.00 for Middle Class Papua New Guineans. This will be rolled out in the very near future. Keep an eye out for this for those who may be interested.

    • i am interested please email me details

      • Louis Miria says

        I am interested, could you email me details of the plan you have. i am organizing a HOS for an entity.

    • I am very much interested. Please email me pictures of house and size of land & prices.

    • Joyce Sap says

      Pls email me further information about purchasing and inspection. Thanks

    • Elizabeth Namono says

      Hi Robert,

      Please keep us kin first home loan buyers posted about your housing project. I agree with you, K400-500,000 is not at all affordable for average working class Papua New Guineans who want to provide quality housing for our growing families. My husband and I have planned and prayed on buying a home for years and we are ready to proceed with our plans come next year.
      I will be looking out for your posts.

      All the best!

      God bless.

    • Philomena says

      Please forward me detail

      • Walter says

        Really interested to buy house and land package priced from k300,000 to k350,000. please let me know through contact provided.

    • Jori Kesi says


      I work for the Dept Of Treasury as Housing Officer. If you can email me so I can chat with your on our staff housing matters. (Correction on email address.)
      Jori Kesi

    • Philip Vagi says

      Bro, I am interested, I do agree with the collegues. Please keep me posted

    • Raymond Lari says

      Hi Robert,

      I am very interested, please kindly forward me any information/updates about your project.

    • Please email me additional information on
      You have a potential buyer lined up in me.

  105. Daniel Kui says

    I am interested.. Please email with more information.

  106. Hi Phil,
    If I were to go for the K440,000.00 haus, how much equity I need to secure to get a loan from BSP?

    • Bruno MALAU says


      I am interested and would like to request for more information regarding the housing project.

  107. Please email the details plus the price listing to my email I’m interested.

  108. Yvonne Lola says

    Hi, pls send me details on how i can apply on purchasing a house. Very interested .

  109. Jacklyn Kauhat says

    oh Great will there be any for Madang in the near future and for Pom please supply me with Price List.

  110. When will the first batch of home buyers be moving into their houses? Give an approximate time please

  111. Great development but cost can accelerate with high inflation rate in PNG and fluctuation of floating bank rates. Fixed term might be good for the borrower as there is no rate reductions but rising rates are the usual bank practices world-wide. 4% is still too high even though govt has provided guarantee. Bring it down to 3-3.5% would be appropriate for middle income earners (low income earners will not qualify under this scheme).

  112. Stephannie Manu says

    Could you send me more informtion on the this matter. This includes the costings and types of house available.

  113. Timothy Mataro says

    Could you send me more informtion on the this matter. This includes the costings and types of house available

    Below is my address

  114. more information please on how to have access to this facilities

  115. hi there
    am interesting in purchasing a pty please provide pricelist for me to choose from

  116. Its a great opportunity for Papua New Guinean..Could you provide me with the price list for its type of house and the application form.

  117. Timothy Mataro says

    Great opportunities. Can you sent me more information regaring the price an types of houses available to customers. Thank you

  118. Ruth Aba says

    Am interested. Please send me more details of the houses , land area and the price range.

    Thank you,

  119. Mairi Mathew says

    Great start… Please send me information i would like to visit, especially when you consider that the land sizes are between 400 and 600 square meters, larger than any other developer i have visited. Really interested.

  120. I’m interested and Would like more information on the cost off the pre done homes please.

  121. Interested, How do i go about?

  122. I am interested how can i apply and enquire for further details

  123. Elizabeth says

    We are interested, how do we apply now. please send me a email as soon as possible with contact details.

    kind Regards

  124. Mary R Martin says

    Please need more information on the cost in building the houses — any contact details?

  125. Trevor Guise says

    Hello, how much would it cost to build a H90 house alone, town water, electricity, building material plus labour…rough estimate will do.

    Thank You,
    Trevor Guise

  126. Viviannne Kanawi says

    Hello, please send me details andprices on the houses. Thank you.


  127. Petrovic Kunda says

    Its okay in the name of development and of the place and the new face it might look of the environment it is located but then it is business after all because two banks are involved in this case which in return will be expecting profits and divident out of the borrowers (individuals) and Govt for (China Exim Bank) in this the Contractor/Developer walks away without any burden of the loans. The total number of such building is 100 and so on.
    Generally, this is done to settle housing issues and to met some of the Govt development plans but then if we view our employment statistics in the nation’s capital, you find out that only 10 or less 5% of the people are at a decent stage to apply for loans and or can afford such luxury. Majority of the population in POM are middle classes/low classes and settlement dwellers or ordinary people of this nation.
    Comment is yet to complete need more detail data on that…………..

  128. I would like to meet with someone here in the Pom office to discuss supply of paint for the homes so if someone can give me details of contact numbers and personnel so I can arrange an appointment to meet with them.


    Gaye Kapi

    • Phil.Arcadiou says

      Sorry Gaye,
      All homes are pre done in the factory before arrival. No painting needed.

  129. John Sliviak says

    This whole imagined affordable housing scams are turning ordinary hard working Papua New Guineans into slaves.
    The only real winners is the State, BSP and the Developer.
    Selling prices above K75,000.00 cannot be “affordable housing” at all for the PNG middle class. At the bank’s rate of interest, it will take too long and cost at the end about a K1m for a K 500,000.00 house. The would be paid half way past the life of a 50 year life span.

  130. I would like to request more information on the cost of houses to be built by Amode. I have a block of land therefore only need the building costs plus builder’s costs to seek finance for.
    Thank you.
    Linus Kaidoga

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