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Kumul Petroleum moves to increase Papua New Guinea’s stake in PNG LNG project

State-owned Kumul Petroleum has made an offer to purchase a further five per cent of the PNG LNG project from Santos. The US$1.4 billion move looks set to position it to play a greater role in the future of Papua New Guinea's oil and gas sector with global LNG demand increasing.
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Mineral Resource Authority MD predicts strong copper and gold production for Papua New Guinea up to 2050

If its two mining 'mega projects' – Wafi-Golpu and Frieda River – are delivered on schedule, Papua New Guinea will become one of the world's major copper producers over the next thirty years, according to Jerry Garry, Managing Director of the country's Mineral Resources Authority. However, he warns, PNG's dependence on mining exports looks set to come to an end shortly thereafter.
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Net gains: the new plan for Papua New Guinea’s fishing industry

Better infrastructure and a higher volume of onshore processing are the key tenets of Papua New Guinea’s new Fisheries Strategic Plan, which aims to transform the industry over the coming decade. Business Advantage PNG speaks with National Fisheries Authority Chairman Ango Wangatau to find out more.
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Cracking investment: Nambawan Super investment fuels growth at Paradise Foods

In late 2021, PNG’s largest superannuation find, Nambawan Super, increased its holding in Paradise Company Limited, owner of Paradise Foods and Laga Industries, to 100 per cent. Michael Penrose, Paradise’s CEO, tells Business Advantage PNG how the fund’s support is helping the food manufacturer expand.
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Supply chain causing major stress for Papua New Guinea’s businesses

Global supply chain issues are having a major impact on many businesses in Papua New Guinea. Business leaders tell Business Advantage PNG that delivery delays and higher costs are causing some projects to be slowed or even postponed in key sectors. There are signs, however, that the global situation is improving.
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