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Trade slump: how border closures affect Papua New Guinea’s exports

Papua New Guinea’s trade is likely to be sharply affected by the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of international borders, according to a report by the National Research Institute. It makes suggestions about how PNG’s traded sector can be supported.
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Top-end woes: expat flight affects Papua New Guinea’s high-end real estate

The upper end of the housing market in Papua New Guinea is being adversely affected by the closure of the international borders, according to Tom Snelling, General Manager of property classifieds site But he expects that there will be more movement in the cheaper areas of the real estate market.
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Survival mode: the impact of COVID-19 on working in Papua New Guinea

Flexible work arrangements, losing key workers and restricted travel: these are unprecedented times for managing staff in Papua New Guinea. Gabriella Munoz talks to some top recruiters about the challenges being faced by employers and jobseekers.
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‘Crisis breeds innovation’: Tapioca Delight launches new online payment system

Tapioca Delight is spearheading change in Papua New Guinea, by becoming the first SME to start accepting online credit and debit card payments via Bank South Pacific's internet payment gateway. Gabriella Munoz speaks with owner Ginia Sialis to find out more.
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Headed for recession: bank and rating agencies’ bleak forecast for Papua New Guinea in 2020

Economists are forecasting a recession in PNG in 2020 as the country struggles to deal with the global crisis caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has also downgraded the country’s debt.
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Porgera fallout: Prime Minister moves to reassure Papua New Guinea’s miners

Prime Minister James Marape moves to allays concerns among Papua New Guinea's mining companies following the decision not to renew the special mining lease for the Porgera gold mine. Meanwhile, the mine's temporary closure is already affecting local business.
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