Tickets without queues: Ticket Bilum solves ticketing dilemma in Papua New Guinea

Want to buy tickets to see your favourite rugby team but can’t afford to spend two hours queuing to get seats? The Papua New Guinean app Ticket Bilum comes to the rescue. Its owner, Tidman Ikosi, talked about the app’s inception, its future and COVID’s silver lining during an ecommerce forum.
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‘Economic lifelines’: Connect PNG outlines key road projects to help boost Papua New Guinea’s COVID recovery

Connect PNG has a five-year plan to establish a single, unbroken highway network for Papua New Guinea. David Wereh, Secretary of the Department of Works and Implementation, takes Business Advantage PNG through the challenges.
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‘SMEs are hurting’: ANZ’s Mark Baker on the bank’s post-COVID challenges in Papua New Guinea

Renegotiating terms or refinancing are proving to be the best way to deal with the shock caused by COVID-19 according to Mark Baker, Managing Director of ANZ Bank Papua New Guinea. In an exclusive interview he tells Business Advantage PNG that improving confidence is the big challenge.
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Papua New Guinea could see more than K2.5 billion from regional infrastructure funds

Speaking at a Business Advantage PNG webinar, two of the region's largest infrastructure investment funds – the Asian Development Bank and the new Australian Infrastructure Finance Facility for the Pacific – have announced major support for road and electricity projects in Papua New Guinea, with more to come.
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Fair share? Papua New Guinea’s move to production sharing in resource projects questioned

The Papua New Guinea government’s proposal to move to production sharing agreements in resource projects may not solve the government’s financial problems and there is a risk it will harm the country’s reputation for being a good place to invest, according to the industry itself.
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Papua New Guinea introduces supplementary budget to address financial challenges

With Papua New Guinea's Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook predicting government debt will rise to 55 per cent of GDP, its government has announced a supplementary budget to address numerous fiscal challenges. There are also moves for the central bank to print money to fund budget shortfalls.
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