Defensive driving academy looks to save lives and improve transport efficiency in Papua New Guinea

Road safety is at the forefront of business minds in Papua New Guinea. Poor roads mean delays in the delivery of goods, damaged vehicles and fatal accidents. But Frank Lapi, Director and Master Trainer at Diamond Defensive Driving Academy, may have found a solution that suits businesses of every size.
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Six questions for Paul Komboi, Managing Director at PNG DataCo

Undersea fibreoptic cables are set to revolutionise internet connectivity in Papua New Guinea and the responsibility for that infrastructure locally falls to PNG DataCo. Managing Director Paul Komboi updates Business Advantage PNG on the Kumul Submarine Cable Network, and outlines the state-owned telco's long-term strategy.
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Papua LNG expected to drive development of Special Economic Zone in Gulf Province

A fifteen-year plan to develop the Ihu Special Economic Zone is expected to be approved this month. Driving its development will be the infrastructure requirements for Papua New Guinea’s second liquefied natural gas project—Papua LNG.
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Electrification Partnership beginning of new era for PNG Power

Carolyn Blacklock, the acting Managing Director of PNG Power, says the money that will come from the Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership established at APEC will greatly assist the roll out of electricity. She says PNG Power has sharply increased the number of connections it is making and is aiming to concentrate on hydropower.
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‘Fundamental change’ needed with Papua New Guinea state-owned enterprises

Kumul Consolidated Holdings, the holding company for Papua New Guinea’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs), has released its Year in Review. It says that 2018 has been ‘particularly difficult and challenging’ for the country's SOEs and that a fundamental change is necessary if the enterprises are to expand.
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PM signs Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership with Australia, US, Japan and US

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has signed the Papua New Guinea Electrification Partnership with Australia, Japan, the United States and New Zealand, whose aim is to provide power to 70 per cent of the country’s population by 2030. Currently, only 13 per cent of PNG’s population has reliable access to electricity.
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