Roads to success: Solomon Islands’ Deputy PM on building new infrastructure

Manasseh Maelanga, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, says the Pacific country's new government has turned its attention to infrastructure. Measures are being put in place to encourage private sector involvement in roads, ports and industrial townships.
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Privatisation on the agenda for Papua New Guinea’s state-owned enterprises?

Minister for State Enterprises Sasindran Muthuvel has revealed his plans to reform Papua New Guinean's under-capitalised state utilities and telecommunications businesses. The future could involve partial privatisation, he says.
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How changes to Western financial aid strategies will affect Papua New Guinea

The creation of a one-stop shop US development bank will see a doubling of available infrastructure funding for Asia-Pacific projects, and is expected to boost the PNG Electrification Partnership. It comes as the US, Australia and Japan have unveiled the Blue Dot Network, an initiative designed to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the Pacific region. 
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Digicel Pacific’s Khafra Kambon on supporting technological development in Papua New Guinea

Khafra Kambon, Commercial Director at Digicel Pacific, will be speaking at Innovation PNG 2019 in Port Moresby on 8 November. In this exclusive interview with Business Advantage PNG, he talks about connectivity challenges, infrastructure and Papua New Guinea's digital future.
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Prime Minister Marape flags more support for small business and less for future resources projects

Prime Minister James Marape has outlined a two-pronged economic strategy to boost Papua New Guinea’s economy. He has also commented on the government's attempts to manage the country’s rising debt, reports David James.
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A tale of two cities: why successful investment in Lae is a boost for Port Moresby

Lae, Papua New Guinea's second-largest city, is again emerging as a key location for investment. Far from drawing investors away from capital Port Moresby, a buoyant Lae could actually be good for both cities, say representatives from the two cities' business chambers.
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