Papua New Guinea could see more than K2.5 billion from regional infrastructure funds

Speaking at a Business Advantage PNG webinar, two of the region's largest infrastructure investment funds – the Asian Development Bank and the new Australian Infrastructure Finance Facility for the Pacific – have announced major support for road and electricity projects in Papua New Guinea, with more to come.
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Solar for everyone: a glimpse into Papua New Guinea’s solar market today

What progress has solar energy made in Papua New Guinea and what is its potential, particularly for business? Christian Lohberger, President and founder of the Solar Energy Association of PNG and co-founder of Astra Solar Ltd, shares his views with Business Advantage PNG.
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K4.96 billion Australian fund starts to invest in Papua New Guinea infrastructure

At a time when private sector investment is stalling, the A$2 billion [K4.96 billion] Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific is ramping up and targeting projects that will help drive Papua New Guinea's economy.
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Roads to success: Solomon Islands’ Deputy PM on building new infrastructure

Manasseh Maelanga, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, says the Pacific country's new government has turned its attention to infrastructure. Measures are being put in place to encourage private sector involvement in roads, ports and industrial townships.
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Privatisation on the agenda for Papua New Guinea’s state-owned enterprises?

Minister for State Enterprises Sasindran Muthuvel has revealed his plans to reform Papua New Guinean's under-capitalised state utilities and telecommunications businesses. The future could involve partial privatisation, he says.
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