CEO Survey reveals the outlook for Papua New Guinea business in 2023

The Business Advantage PNG/Westpac PNG 100 CEO Survey has asked the CEOs of Papua New Guinea's largest companies for their profit, investment and recruitment expectations for 2023. It also asked them to name the top impediments facing their businesses. Here are the results.
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Economic update 2023: Papua New Guinea’s year of gearing up

With the worst of the COVID pandemic behind it, Papua New Guinea is preparing itself for a decade of sustained economic growth. While the investments that will drive this growth are still being finalised, business leaders tell Business Advantage PNG the country is already starting to get ready.
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Five questions for Jon Philp, Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea

One of Papua New Guinea's major trading partners, Australia has continued to increase its support for the country's economic development, especially in infrastructure. Business Advantage PNG asks Jon Philp, Australia's High Commissioner to PNG, about the intent of Australia's aid program in PNG and its priorities.
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Foreign exchange shortages still biting business in Papua New Guinea

The Bank of Papua New Guinea expects a 'windfall' from higher international commodity prices to alleviate some of the country's foreign exchange shortages. However, anecdotal evidence suggests the forex situation is actually getting worse.
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Foreign investment starting to return to Papua New Guinea, says IPA head

Foreign direct investment in Papua New Guinea is starting to return this year after a 'huge slump' over the previous two years, according to Clarence Hoot, Managing Director of the country's Investment Promotion Authority.
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