Papua New Guinea introduces supplementary budget to address financial challenges

With Papua New Guinea's Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook predicting government debt will rise to 55 per cent of GDP, its government has announced a supplementary budget to address numerous fiscal challenges. There are also moves for the central bank to print money to fund budget shortfalls.
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Sustainable Papua New Guinea: PM links progress to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

COVID-19 may have impacted the progress of Papua New Guinea’s rollout of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but Prime Minister James Marape has made it clear that sustainability and progress go hand in hand, and business must play a role.
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What the International Monetary Fund is doing in Papua New Guinea

With Papua New Guinea’s government debt set to rise to over 40 per cent of GDP due of the COVID-19 crisis, the International Monetary Fund's PNG Mission Chief, Scott Roger, explains how the IMF is helping the country get back on a sustainable financial course.
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