Oil rebounds, LNG stabilises and palm oil up: our monthly review of Papua New Guinea’s commodities and financial markets

The oil price has been extremely weak but the fall in LNG prices has stabilised and palm oil is up: a monthly review of Papua New Guinea's commodities and financial markets. Business Advantage PNG’s monthly overview of commodity and financial markets.
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Trade slump: how border closures affect Papua New Guinea’s exports

Papua New Guinea’s trade is likely to be sharply affected by the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of international borders, according to a report by the National Research Institute. It makes suggestions about how PNG’s traded sector can be supported.
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No recession for Papua New Guinea post COVID-19, says Central Bank

The Bank of Papua New Guinea in its latest Monetary Policy Statement is predicting that the Papua New Guinea economy will not go into recession this year and there will be a strong recovery next year. But it says that the COVID-19 pandemic has badly affected many of the key sectors in the economy.
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Headed for recession: bank and rating agencies’ bleak forecast for Papua New Guinea in 2020

Economists are forecasting a recession in PNG in 2020 as the country struggles to deal with the global crisis caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has also downgraded the country’s debt.
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‘On their knees’: Papua New Guinea SMEs closing daily under lockdown

The presidents of Papua New Guinea's two largest business chambers, in Port Moresby and Lae, outline the difficulty for business of life under lockdown, but also point to how PNG's economy can bounce back from the current crisis.
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