‘There could not be a better time’ for Papua New Guinea’s new foreign investment laws

Now is the time to focus on restarting foreign investment in Papua New Guinea, says Clarence Hoot, Managing Director of the country’s Investment Promotion Authority. He tells Business Advantage PNG the IPA’s priorities for the year ahead, which include getting new foreign investment laws through Parliament.
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More jobs, better recovery strategy: what Papua New Guinea’s economy needs to thrive

The most important economic issue facing Papua New Guinea is job generation, according to Douveri Henao, Executive Director Business Council of PNG, and Paul Barker, Executive Director of the Institute of National Affairs.
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Papua New Guinea facing a ’triple crisis’, says World Bank economist

Papua New Guinea has been dealing with a ’triple crisis’, according to Ilyas Sarsenov, Country Economist for the World Bank in PNG. Speaking at a Business Advantage PNG online briefing, he said that the economy has fallen well below previous growth forecasts.
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COVID silver linings: Bank of Papua New Guinea releases economic bulletin and not all is bad news

The Bank of Papua New Guinea has released its Quarterly Economic Bulletin for the March and June 2020 Quarters. It shows that the economy and government finances came under great pressure because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, but that the impact was uneven.
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