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Supply chain causing major stress for Papua New Guinea’s businesses

Global supply chain issues are having a major impact on many businesses in Papua New Guinea. Business leaders tell Business Advantage PNG that delivery delays and higher costs are causing some projects to be slowed or even postponed in key sectors. There are signs, however, that the global situation is improving.
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Australian defence spending in Papua New Guinea to provide business opportunities

The imminent upgrade of defence facilities on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island should provide significant opportunities for local business and labour, according to Australia's Department of Defence. But the selection requirements are likely to be demanding.
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Top-end woes: expat flight affects Papua New Guinea’s high-end real estate

The upper end of the housing market in Papua New Guinea is being adversely affected by the closure of the international borders, according to Tom Snelling, General Manager of property classifieds site But he expects that there will be more movement in the cheaper areas of the real estate market.
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