New housing developments in Port Moresby


Papua New Guinea’s capital city is seeing a construction boom this year, with many commercial and housing developments in the pipeline.

Century 21 Edai Town

New housing developments, like the already-established Edai Town, are on the way for Port Moresby. Credit: Rocky Roe

This year may be the start of a good period for potential home buyers in Port Moresby, with more housing developments in the pipeline.

Hausples General Manager, Tom Snelling, tells PNG Now that the National Housing Commission’s affordable homes project, Duran Farm, is back on track, with a Memorandum of Understanding signed last December with five developers.

‘Another 2200 houses will be coming onto the market over the next few years with the Tuhava Town development at Napanapa.’

Snelling says there will be about 2000 allotments at the K7 million development at 8 Mile, with home prices ranging from K200,000 to K500,000.

Another 2200 houses will be coming onto the market over the next few years with the Tuhava Town development at Napanapa, with prices ranging from K299,000 to K550,000.

‘All houses are built with steel frames using modern materials. Tuhava Town is a community based projects which has a pool, bar, restaurant and beach front [among other facilities], and will have its own shops,’ Snelling says.

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Located on the Napanapa Road, a 30-minute drive out of Port Moresby, the area is surrounded by retail shops and residential areas, making it safe and convenient.

Valkyrie Estate, at 8 Mile, has proved to be a hit, with properties already sold out—phase two is set to come online in the second quarter of this year.

Popular with small PNG families is the K480,000 two-bedroom high-set house on a 396 square metre plot. A three-bedroom high-set houses on a 36 square metre plot is K575,000.

The article ‘New housing on the pipeline’ was first published in the April/May 2022 issue of PNG Now, Papua New Guinea’s leading lifestyle magazine.


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