Five questions for Jay Bartlett, Chairman of the Solomon Islands’ Chamber of Commerce

Neighbouring Solomon Islands has strong business ties with Papua New Guinea. Jay Bartlett, Chairman of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tells Business Advantage PNG that the country has some positive prospects, especially with its new undersea telecommunications cable.
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How Maori landowners access development finance 

Accessing finance to develop land in Papua New Guinea is the biggest stumbling block to creating wealth, jobs and an economic base for future generations. In New Zealand, Maori economic development is forging ahead, with the active support of banks and investors. In the second of a two-part series, Kevin McQuillan examines NZ banks’ lending criteria.
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Accessing traditional land for development: How it’s done in New Zealand

Accessing customary land for development in Papua New Guinea continues to be a challenge, while difficulties remain with securing finance against that land. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Maori landowners are forging ahead with joint ventures, using leases as security and pooling financial resources. Kevin McQuillan investigates how it's done, in the first of a two-part series.
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Papua New Guinea’s APEC Ambassador and ABAC chair confident of successful summit

Papua New Guinea's APEC year has started, with the first Senior Officials Meeting now under way in Port Moresby. Recent experience shows the year will be successful, according to the country’s APEC Ambassador, Ivan Pomaleu. David Toua, chair of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) says it is necessary to support globalisation.
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