Roads to success: Solomon Islands’ Deputy PM on building new infrastructure

Manasseh Maelanga, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, says the Pacific country's new government has turned its attention to infrastructure. Measures are being put in place to encourage private sector involvement in roads, ports and industrial townships.
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Stronger together: why Papua New Guinea should work closely with the Solomon Islands [video]

Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands face similar challenges and opportunities. Atenasi Ata, CEO of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tells us why both countries are particularly well-placed to do more business with each other.
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How changes to Western financial aid strategies will affect Papua New Guinea

The creation of a one-stop shop US development bank will see a doubling of available infrastructure funding for Asia-Pacific projects, and is expected to boost the PNG Electrification Partnership. It comes as the US, Australia and Japan have unveiled the Blue Dot Network, an initiative designed to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the Pacific region. 
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Archaeologists uncover new stories about Indigenous seagoing between Papua New Guinea and Australia

A team of researchers have discovered evidence of trade between Papua New Guinea and Australia over 2,500 years prior to colonisation. Their findings will help unravel the forgotten shared history of PNG and Indigenous Australia across the Torres Strait. 
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