Banking and finance

Papua New Guinea’s stock exchange looks to blockchain

The prospect of instantaneous settlements on Papua New Guinea's stock exchange, PNGX, has moved a little closer with a new agreement to explore blockchain technology to support its trading system. PNGX Chairman David Lawrence tells Business Advantage PNG the technology could 'turbocharge' PNG's capital markets.
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Technology & growth: Moni Plus looks to a banking licence and IPO

Despite the pandemic’s severe economic impacts in Papua New Guinea, financial institution Heduru Moni Limited (trading as Moni Plus) achieved record-breaking revenues and profits in 2021. Business Advantage PNG sat down with the company’s new CEO, Aho Baliki OBE, to discuss its successes and ambitious plans for growth.
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Kina Bank presents its vision for Westpac to Papua New Guinea’s regulator

If Kina Bank's acquisition of Westpac's Pacific operation proceeds, it will be rebranded East West Commercial Bank, a stand-alone 'Pan-Pacific' bank to compete against its new parent. That's according to a presentation made by Kina last week as it tries to convince Papua New Guinea's Independent Consumer and Competition Commission of the deal's merits.
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ICCC proposes to disallow Kina Bank’s acquisition of Westpac’s Pacific assets

In an interim determination, Papua New Guinea's Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) says it may not allow Kina Bank to buy Westpac's remaining assets in the Pacific.
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BSP denies regulator’s anti-money laundering allegations

BSP Financial Group (BFL) has responded to allegations made by the Bank of Papua New Guinea's Financial Analysis and Supervision Unit (FASU) that it was in breach of the country's anti-money laundering laws. Meanwhile, the Bank of PNG's Governor has distanced the central bank from the allegations made by its own unit.
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