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IFC to issue Papua New Guinea’s first AAA-rated domestic bond to deepen financial markets

Following the successful launch of Papua New Guinea's first sovereign bond, the International Finance Corporation is intending to issue a AAA bond as part of its efforts to deepen the financial markets in Papua New Guinea. John Vivian, IFC’s Resident Representative for Papua New Guinea, tells Business Advantage PNG that it can also assist corporate funding.
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Sovereign bond an ‘important milestone’ for Papua New Guinea that should affect interest rates, says BSP’s Fleming

The US$500 million sovereign bond raising will improve foreign exchange cash flows, according to Robin Fleming, Chief Executive of Bank South Pacific. He tells Business Advantage PNG that it represents an 'important milestone' for Papua New Guinea's financial system.
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Will Papua New Guinea’s successful sovereign bond issue improve the foreign exchange situation for business?

The success of Papua New Guinea’s first US$500 million bond issue will depend on the government’s spending focus, according to Paul Barker, Director of PNG’s economics research think tank, the Institute of National Affairs. He tells Business Advantage PNG that the private sector has to get access to foreign exchange because of extended delays.
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Sovereign bond issue will ‘test’ Papua New Guinea’s market access, says Standard & Poor’s

The Papua New Guinea government has begun spruiking its sovereign bond issue with a series of meetings with investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and the US, led by Treasurer Charles Abel. However, while Standard and Poor’s has given the issue a ‘B’ stable rating, others say the government may have to offer a premium to attract investors.
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LNG prices have surged but oil prices move sideways: a monthly review of Papua New Guinea’s commodity and financial markets

LNG prices have jumped sharply and the cocoa price has been volatile. Business Advantage PNG’s monthly review of Papua New Guinea commodity and financial markets.
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Super fund executives outline their investment strategies

How do Papua New Guinea’s two largest super funds, Nambawan Super and NASFUND, make investment decisions on behalf of their members? Two senior executives provide their investment guidelines, which have led both funds to perform well in difficult economic conditions.
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