Articles by David James

Papua New Guinea business can greatly benefit from improving online capacity says entrepreneur

Software entrepreneur Samson Korawali has helped establish five start-ups and a digital consultancy located in Australia and Papua New Guinea. He tells Business Advantage PNG that the country can greatly benefit from developing its online business capacity.

Bank of Papua New Guinea’s quarterly report indicates economy patchy

The Bank of Papua New Guinea’s latest Quarterly Economic Bulletin points to a ‘slight improvement’ in economic activity in the September quarter driven by higher government expenditure and a marginal increase in private sector lending. It records an improvement in exports and commodity prices and a slowing in the increase of inflation, but lower employment levels.

Pacific International Hospital CEO says private-public partnerships best way forward for Papua New Guinea health sector

Private-public partnerships are the best way for Papua New Guinea to deal with its health needs, Sandeep Shaligram, Chief Executive of Pacific International Hospital tells Business Advantage PNG. He says the hospital is looking to train locals and start a nursing college.

Oil prices steady but LNG prices weaker: a monthly review of Papua New Guinea’s commodity and financial markets.

Oil prices are up and copper is also strong, but LNG has weakened. Business Advantage PNG’s monthly review of Papua New Guinea commodity and financial markets.

Releasing customary land for housing essential as state land runs out, says NRI

House prices still remain out of reach for most Port Moresby residents, according to a report by the National Research Institute. It says that changing the approach to customary land has become necessary because state land is running out.

The PNG 100 CEO Survey 2018: Papua New Guinea’s chief executives remain optimistic

Business Advantage PNG’s PNG 100 CEO Survey of chief executives in Papua New Guinea’s biggest companies has found that profit expectations were only partly met last year, but there are signs of growing confidence in 2018.

Datec looking to establish innovative culture says CEO

Papua New Guinea technology company Datec is developing a ‘winning’ culture, according to Chief Executive Stanley Ng Plyler. He tells Business Advantage PNG that the company is looking to achieve both tangible and intangible improvements.

Sovereign wealth fund at least a year away

The establishment of a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) in Papua New Guinea is likely to take more than a year, according to Zanie Theron, Managing Partner of professional services firm KPMG, which is advising the government. She tells Business Advantage PNG that, although there are challenges, positive signs can be observed in the business environment.

Kina CEO says global economy picking up but Papua New Guinea still faces challenges

Greg Pawson, the newly appointed Chief Executive of Kina Securities, has said that the world economy is showing signs of recovery, which will have a positive effect on the economy. But he believes that Papua New Guinea still faces big structural challenges.

Transparency initiative reveals PNG’s extractive industries a big contributor to the economy

The fourth Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) report, compiled by consultants Ernst & Young, shows that the sector dominates exports and is a major part of the nation’s GDP, but it is less of a contributor to employment and government revenue.