Apple launches News app – and we’re on it


The new Apple News app for iPhone and iPad users is more than just another app – it’s the latest salvo in the global battle between tech companies for your eyeballs. It’s also an exciting opportunity for producers of quality news content.

apple-newsIf you have an iPad or iPhone, you may have noticed that Apple has recently released a new operating system for your device (iOS 9.1). If you’ve run the update—as most Apple users habitually do—you may have noticed a new red icon appear on your screen. It’s for the new Apple News app.

No, Apple hasn’t become a news organisation, but this new app does something helpful for those of us who like to keep up with plenty of different news sources. It brings them all together in one place.

That’s hardly revolutionary idea—apps like Flipboard have been aggregating news for years—but it’s an impressive attempt.

How to get the Apple news app on your iPhone or iPad

  • Make sure the software on your device is up-to-date by going to Settings > General > Software Update and update if necessary to iOS 9.1
  • Once you’re running the latest software, look for the red “News” icon on your device’s screen (see above)
  • Launch the app by pressing on it, then follow the prompts
  • Add the Business Advantage PNG news feed to your Favourites in the app by clicking on the following link on your iPhone or iPad:, or by searching for ‘Business Advantage PNG

On launch, Apple News features news from a large number of the world’s top news organisations, from CNN, the New York Times, the Guardian, Australia’s Fairfax Group, the BBC and many others—including Business Advantage PNG, the only Papua New Guinea-focused news service currently on the app.

Users can select from a wide range of global news sources, follow specific topics, and save specific stories to read later or share with colleagues or friends.

On first use, it’s a pretty handy and easy-to-use service, but why is Apple launching it now?

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The world’s largest tech companies—such as Apple, Google and Facebook—are all engaged in a battle for your attention so they can sell you their products and services. Most of these companies have been using the content provided by news organisations to help them secure that attention.

In turn, news publishers get a chance to present their content to vast online audiences (although none of them has quite worked out how to make substantial revenue out of it yet!).

At the moment, the Apple News app is available in the United States, the UK and Australia, with a wider rollout planned.

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