New Britain Palm Oil looking to expand and diversify, says Country Manager

Access to land is preventing New Britain Palm Oil from expanding its beef and palm oil production businesses. PNG Country Manager Robert Nilkare tells Business Advantage PNG, there is a need to develop more agriculture leases in Papua New Guinea.

Credit Corp expands into Timor-Leste, using the country’s 20-year plan as a ‘road map’

A well-managed economy and a 20-year vision are two reasons Credit Corp has set up shop in Timor-Leste. Country Manager, Chris Durman, outlines his own vision to Business Advantage PNG.

Perth exploration company Kalia Ltd wins first gold and copper exploration licence under new Bougainville Mining Act

Perth-based explorer Kalia Ltd has begun geological surveys on its two licence areas, after winning exploration licences under the new Bougainville Mining Act. Managing Director Terry Larkan tells Business Advantage PNG that, while the licence areas’ resources are unknown, the licences have ‘the right address’.

How Hargy Oil Palms boosted its palm oil production in Papua New Guinea

It may not have involved rocket science, but Hargy Oil Palms Ltd has experienced significant success in boosting palm oil yields in West New Britain. But Chief Executive Graham King believes the success of agriculture in PNG will ultimately depend on secure land tenure and foreign investment.

Agmark MD outlines recipe to repair Papua New Guinea’s cocoa industry

Papua New Guinea’s cocoa industry could be back to its 1970s levels if it had a strong cocoa grower-based Cocoa Board, more farmer training and increased investment. That is what John Nightingale, Managing Director of Agmark, told the country’s first-ever agricultural summit, held in Port Moresby last month.

O’Neill flags new initiatives to promote agriculture in Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Agriculture Minister, Benny Allen, have promised to boost access to credit for agricultural projects, develop import substitution and strengthen agricultural institutions. They were addressing the country’s inaugural National Agriculture Summit in Port Moresby this week.

Local knowledge and ‘being there’ critical for business success in the Pacific region

Looking to invest successfully in the Pacific? There’s no substitute for understanding your market and its people, and for being on the ground. Three successful regional investors also outlined to the Business Investment PNG Conference which sectors have the most potential.

Key meetings to determine timeline for rebuilding Bougainville’s Panguna copper mine

Two key events before year’s end are likely to decide the timeline for the rebuilding of the Panguna copper mine on Bougainville Island. The Chairman of Bougainville Copper Limited, Rob Burns also tells Business Advantage PNG two board appointments last month (Oct) is part of the company’s strategic development.

Horizon Oil seeks assurance from Kumul Petroleum its Western Pipeline proposal is viable

As Horizon Oil awaits government and regulatory approval for their mid-sized Western LNG project, CEO Brent Emmett says it is considering using Kumul Petroleum’s alternative pipeline proposal, but wants assurances the pipeline is viable before committing.

Building a business in Papua New Guinea with little or no capital

While finance or access to capital is an issue for young entrepreneurs, you can build a business with little to no capital, says Roberta Morlin, founder and co-owner of KLM Consulting, which provides marketing research and technology consulting. But financial literacy is the key, adds Melbourne consultant, David Martin.