Will Papua New Guinea’s successful sovereign bond issue improve the foreign exchange situation for business?

The success of Papua New Guinea’s first US$500 million bond issue will depend on the government’s spending focus, according to Paul Barker, Director of PNG’s economics research think tank, the Institute of National Affairs. He tells Business Advantage PNG that the private sector has to get access to foreign exchange because of extended delays.

Sovereign bond issue will ‘test’ Papua New Guinea’s market access, says Standard & Poor’s

The Papua New Guinea government has begun spruiking its sovereign bond issue with a series of meetings with investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and the US, led by Treasurer Charles Abel. However, while Standard and Poor’s has given the issue a ‘B’ stable rating, others say the government may have to offer a premium to attract investors.

‘Encouraging’ gas find likely to boost Papua New Guinea LNG expansion as China locks in long-term contract

Analysis of test results from a potentially new LNG find at the Barikewa-3 well in the Papua New Guinea Forelands is underway but it’s too early to say how that gas will be commercialised, according to well operator, Oil Search. Meanwhile, the signing of a long-term contract for gas from PNG with China confirms demand for gas from China will continue well into the 2020s.

Papua New Guinea’s Woodlark Island gold project to get go-ahead decision by year’s end

Milne Bay’s Woodlark Gold Project is likely to get the go ahead within the next three months, after developer Geopacific Resources assesses the definitive feasibility study which will be completed in Q3 this year. Managing Director, Ron Heeks, told Business Advantage PNG, if it goes ahead, production should commence in early 2020.

Papua New Guinea LNG production predicted to double within 10 years, reports Fitch Research

Papua New Guinea’s LNG exports will more than double over the next 10 years, as a result of the planned expansion works, according to Fitch Solutions’ Senior Country Risk Analyst, Raphael Mok. But, he tells Business Advantage PNG, the government must address landowners’ backlash against royalty payments.

Moving from aid to trade: successful mentoring and investment projects in Vanuatu and Samoa expanding into Papua New Guinea

After the successful launches of sustainable small businesses in Vanuatu and Samoa, a donor-funded private sector initiative is preparing to expand into Papua New Guinea.  Anna Moegerlein from Melbourne’s The Difference Incubator explains the initiative to Business Advantage PNG.

Lae port expansion to be completed late 2019, says PNG Ports MD

A second major port in Papua New Guinea is expected to be completed in late 2019, says PNG Ports Corporation Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse. He tells Business Advantage PNG the K350 million project will include the greater Lae Tidal Basin Project and the Huon Industrial Park development in Lae.

Improving access to finance the key to solar power expansion in Papua New Guinea

Improved access to finance could the rapid development of solar power, according to Jon Pittar, Managing Director of solar provider, Solar Solutions PNG. If the government is to achieve its energy goal of giving access to power to 70 per cent of the population by 2030, he believes solar-powered systems must be provided to rural communities.

Undersea cable linking Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia to be completed late 2019

An K331 million undersea cable linking Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia is expected to be up and running by the end of 2019. It follows concerns by Australian officials that if China’s Huawei telco built the project, it could access Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure, creating national security concerns.

Trade expert Bonapas Onguglo outlines where Papua New Guinea could be missing opportunities

Bonapas Onguglo has been working as a trade analyst at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) since 1984, advising African governments how to expand their economies. He sees new opportunities in agribusiness and the ‘ocean economy’.