The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) was established in 2013 and approved by the National Executive Council (NEC), as the industry apex organization to coordinate, advocate and monitor all financial inclusion activities in PNG.

CEFI’s Mission is to promote excellence in financial services, innovation in delivery channels and facilitate financial education. In line with this mission, CEFI’s key roles and responsibilities are focused on coordinating all financial inclusion activities and initiatives in PNG. CEFI is working with key stakeholders, including financial institutions, government organizations and agencies, educational institutions, NGOs, faith-based organizations, mobile phone operators, companies and services providers as a platform to achieve  financial inclusion. The expected outcome of CEFI’s coordination work and collaborations with stakeholders is to ensure that financial services reach the 75% of the unbanked population in PNG.

BPNG has a vacancy for an Accountant.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Accountant directly reports to and is accountable to the Director and is responsible for the following specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Establish, implement and maintain an independent CEFI financial management and accounting system to support the efficient and effective implementation of CEFI financial inclusion program activities.
  • Provide leadership in the set-up of the CEFI office accountability system and processes, including payment authorization procedures.
  • Provide advice and direction to the Director on key aspects of the financial management to ensure consistency and conform to relevant government and statutory laws and regulations.

Job Requirements

Expected Competencies:

  • Bachelor in Accounting, Finance or a related field and CPA qualified
  • Have similar work experience in a related field, with 5 years in financial management.
  • Understanding of accounting standards and code of practice in PNG, government PFM Act, procurement processes and accountability structures.

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