The Public Services Commission Appointments Committee invites applications for a Commissioner in the Public Services Commission.

Suitably qualified persons are invited for a vacancy in the Public Services Commission (PSC).

The PSC is established by Section 190 of the Constitution and its functions include review of personnel matters relating to the National Public Service; review of organisational matters and state services (other than the Defence Force); recommending to the National Executive Council (NEC), appointment of heads of agencies that fall under Section 193 of the Constitution.

The PSC has a membership of three Commissioners, one of whom is the Chairman. The members of the PSC are appointed by the Head of State on advice of the Public Services Commission Appointments Committee.

Job requirements

  • Substantial experiences in the National Public Service
  • Considerable administrative experience and a distinguished professional career in the Public Service
  • Fair knowledge of the government, its functional structures and systems of administration
  • Sound knowledge and keen appreciation of the public service, its structures, policies, legislations including Constitutional Laws and regulations

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