A cut above the rest: three of the best steaks in Port Moresby


Looking for the perfect spot for your next outing? Look no further. Here are the three best spots to eat a juicy steak in Port Moresby.

Steaks in Port Moresby

Credit: Russell Wai (Pixels Perspective)

1. Bacchus Restaurant, Airways Hotel

Open 6–10PM daily

Steaks K110–K200

For bookings, Tel. 324 5200 ext 3400

Chef Amid Vkhan says the rib eye steak is the best on the Bacchus menu. It is seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper and then brushed with butter and cooked on a grill. You can choose from either potato wedges or mashed potato with vegetables or onion rings on the side.

Bacchus serves two steak categories, either wagyu or grassfed. The cuts include strip loin, rib eye (the chef’s favourite), T-bone, tenderloin and master kobe. To see the menu, go to airways.com.pg/dining/bacchus-restaurant.

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2. Rapala Restaurant, Crown Hotel

Open 6–10PM daily

Steaks K90–K185

For bookings, Tel. 309 3000

Recognising that not all steak enthusiasts want beef, Rapala also has lamb and salmon steaks.

Chef Milind Dhonsekar says the rib eye makes the best steak; however, his personal choice is the lamb rack, medium rare. He marinates it in garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. A butter and oil mix is then applied to it and then it’s put in the oven.

‘Having any kind of steak medium rare is the best way to eat it because this is when there is more flavour and natural juices in the meat,’ says Chef Milind.

To see the menu, go to crownhotel.com.pg/restaurants

3. Silver Leaf, Stanley Hotel

Open 6–10PM daily, except Sunday

Steaks K175–K225

For bookings, Tel. 302 8888

Silver Leaf has aged beef in three cuts: the oven-prepared Rib Cowboy (scotch fillet with bone), bone-in strip loin and the T-bone. Chef Royce Archie says the ageing process makes the beef more tender and gives it a lot more flavour.

‘Ideally the beef is aged for 120 days, but for us locally we find that it is too strong of a flavour for our customers, so we try to keep it between 30 to 60 days,’ he says.

He recommends the Rib Cowboy. ‘It is the ideal steak for the ageing process because it has a high fat content that keeps the meat moist and stops it from drying out.’

It is dipped into an herb oil of rosemary, thyme, garlic and olive oil, rested, and before it’s smoked in the oven it’s seasoned generously with salt and pepper.

The wood oven incorporates earthly and charred tones to the steak, which makes for a pleasant eating experience.

To see the menu, go to thestanleypng.com/dining.

Steak school

Five things you need to know to order the perfect steak.

1 The most tender cuts of beef include rib and tenderloin.

2 Wagyu is a breed of Japanese cow. It is considered to be the best steak in the world and tastes so good because of its fat marbling.

3 Wolfgang Puck, one of the world’s great chefs, says steak should be well seasoned and at room temperature before being placed on a really hot grill. Don’t turn it too often, and let it rest after cooking.

4 Grass-fed beef is considered to be healthier than grain-fed.

5 Steak tartare is raw ground beef, often eaten with a raw egg on top and Worcestershire sauce.

The article ‘A cut above the rest’ was first published in the June 2021 issue of PNG Now, PNG’s leading lifestyle magazine.

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