Airways Hotel has new food offerings and flexible rates on radar 


In addition to the ongoing refresh of its inventory, recently appointed General Manager Robert O’Brien also plans to revitalise the dining experience for guests with some exciting new dining experiences planned for later this year.


O’Brien’s appointment in May 2021 coincided with efforts by the hotel and residences to restructure the business to accommodate for a COVID downturn, and since then he’s championed the hiring of more local staff, while also making the hotel more attractive to local and overseas guests alike. 

‘For the hotel alone, we currently have around three-staff per guest, and unlike years past, most of these are now locals,‘ notes O’Brien. 

More dynamic pricing

Since creating more dynamic pricing models, O’Brien is now attracting guests that previously didn’t have the hotel on radar. To better engage with the local community, he has also put greater focus around weekend promotions to local Papua New Guinean families with kids. 

‘We’ve got a lot more [pricing] flexibility now so that when people are making reservations, we can offer more options based on what they want,’ says O’Brien. 

‘We’re making a significant investment this year in upgrading our food and beverage experience including the buffet and restaurant dining area.’

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‘The perfect foodie getaway, which includes dinner and breakfast buffet is extremely popular, and we’re picking up anything between 20 to 50 rooms on a weekend, while the suite package is also picking up a few extra bookings for a luxury staycation experience.’ 

New food concepts 

Rather than going head-to-head with other hotels on its food offerings, O’Brien is more interested in rolling out new food concepts later this year, and notes the community is big enough for the hotel to offer diners a real point of difference. 

Instead of choosing between the buffet and à la carte, he says different food stations – each with its own menu – will offer quick and easy alternatives, especially for corporates and residents who dine at the hotel daily and may simply want to take food away. 

The cold buffet station will be consolidated into a hot and cold buffet within the one space. 

Given its popularity, there will also be a sashimi station, in addition to the pasta cooking station, and the introduction of a few other live cooking stations offering customers more dining options. 

‘Overall, we’re making a significant investment this year in upgrading our food and beverage experience including the buffet and restaurant dining area, we’re also changing the bar, the pool area, 7Cs lounge and Deli KC will take on a more European deli-style look,’ O’Brien adds. 

‘We’re also planning to open a chocolate shop where products will be made on-site; meantime the tailor is also returning later this year, as part of the overhaul of our retail space.’ 

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