Duffy Cafe in Port Moresby looks to innovation to drive growth


Duffy has become a household name in Port Moresby. General Manager Chris Shine talks about the keys to the cafe business’ incredible success and its exciting, innovative plans for the future.

A barista pouring milk into a coffee at the Duffy cafe.

Baristas hard at work at Duffy Cafe. Credit: BAI

Duffy PNG started as a humble cafe in the Port Moresby suburb of Gordons but has risen quickly to become the go-to spot for coffee in the capital. Now, after nearly 13 years, Duffy has three branches, a new bakery and is doing its bit for the promotion of Papua New Guinean coffee, with its own range of premium roasted beans.

“We can now compete with coffee from other countries: Colombia and Jamaican coffees and even Bali.”

Duffy PNG’s General Manager Chris Shine says that the group’s success is down to its commitment to quality. Shine comes from coffee-crazy Melbourne, Australia, where he was part of Melbourne hospitality company The Darling Group, but he believes that Duffy is producing some of the best hospitality he has seen.

“I’d come out of some of the best cafes in Melbourne and when I go back, I can’t wait to get back here to drink our coffee,” Shine says.


Duffy PNG's Chris Shine

Duffy PNG’s Chris Shine

Duffy has its original Gabaka Street store as well as outlets in Harbourside and Jacksons International Airport. In 2020, it launched Baker Boy, a fast-food outlet specialising in fried chicken that has been a huge success.

“We are really active at the moment looking at other (Baker Boy) sites,” Shine says. “But we also have a bakery called Kokomo, which is focused on pies and breads. We have a concept called Duffy Express. We have introduced a non-Duffy branded express at the bottom of the BSP building on Waigani Drive and we are looking to extend those offerings.”

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Moving online

One of the most exciting new products for Duffy is its online coffee. Duffy has been roasting PNG coffee since 2010 with brands like Kissed by a Highlander and signature espresso blend Fuzzy Wuzzy. But the company recently became the first PNG coffee roaster to dabble in e-commerce.

“We have just gone online,” Shine says. “I think we are the first to sell coffee online and export that to Australia. We can now compete with coffee from other countries: Colombia and Jamaican coffees and even Bali.”

Night moves

One of the biggest innovations planned for Duffy is an upgrade of the original premises at Gabaka Street in Gordon, as well as Harbourside, and the launch of a brand-new nocturnal hospitality brand.

“We’ll also look at Harbourside to extend a really exciting concept that we’re calling Duffy Black,” Shine says. “Duffy Black will be a night-time operation so not necessarily a cafe operation. And we’ve just brought Julz Henao on board as our culinary director.

Henao is best known as the founder of The Healthy Food Company food delivery service which celebrates fresh local produce.

“One of the big aims as part of our strategic plan for the next five years is to develop and up-skill our people,” Shine says. “And Julz is going to play a big part in that from a culinary perspective to develop our leaders.

“Also, we have, I think, the best roasting team in Port Moresby and our baristas speak for themselves in regard to the quality of the coffee that I hope you guys are enjoying.”

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