Executive class: up-and-coming Papua New Guinea professionals [part 5]


Nambawan Super’s Chief Financial Officer, Pochon Lili, is another Papua New Guinean under 40 who is leading the way for new generations. Hear about his work and thoughts about leadership and hard work.

Pochon Lili

Nambawan Super’s Pochon Lili. Credit: Godfreeman Kaptigau

You’ve had a rapid rise up the ranks; how did you get there?

Pochon Lili (PL): I started as a graduate accountant at Deloitte when I completed my studies in 2010, before joining PwC, BSP and then Nambawan Super.

What propelled you along this path?

PL: My father had a great work ethic, so I learned a lot just by watching him. He taught me never to compromise your integrity and to believe in your talents and abilities.

What’s the most important quality of a leader?

PL: Adaptability. The speed at which technological advancements are made means that leaders have to be agile. We are seeing things like sustainability reporting and flexible working hours coming to the fore. Effective leaders are able to understand the risks and opportunities that will present as a result of these and position their organisations accordingly.

If you were hiring someone for a job today, what are the key qualities you would be looking for?

PL: The right attitude matters. Qualifications will probably get you through the door, but attitude is what will keep you there. First impressions are everything, and I like candidates who have enthusiasm and show a willingness to learn new things.

This is an excerpt from the article ‘Executive class’, which first published in the October-December 2022 edition of PNG Now, Papua New Guinea’s leading lifestyle magazine. Read the emag here.

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