Five questions for … Lesieli Taviri, winner of the 2014 Westpac Oustanding Women Award


Earlier this month,Westpac Bank declared the General Manager of Origin Energy PNG, Lesieli Taviri, as this year’s winner of the Westpac Outstanding Women Award in Papua New Guinea. Business Advantage PNG spoke to Taviri about her career and aspirations.

Westpac's Outstanding Women Award winner, Lesieli Taviri

Westpac’s Outstanding Women Award winner, Lesieli Taviri

Business Advantage PNG (BAPNG): When did you join Origin Energy and in what role?

Lesieli Taviri (LT): I joined Origin in the capacity of Corporate Services Manager in 2008 and later moved into a Sales, Marketing and Business Development role before being appointed Country Manager in September, 2012.

BAPNG: What are your responsibilities as a Country Manager?

LT: As Country Manager, I am accountable for the PNG business—delivering shareholders’ expectations through operational leadership. I have 129 staff, who are based in six locations throughout PNG. I travel to Sydney every three months, and every couple of weeks to locations in PNG.

‘I believe there is a need for more women in executive leadership roles.’

What I enjoy most about my current role is seeing people grow, behaviourally and professionally.

BAPNG: You were educated at PNG University of Technology before joining Origin. And you are currently studying at Australia’s Chifley Business School. What have been the benefits of staying with the one company?

LT: I am currently pursuing an MBA with the Chifley Business School (in fact, I just finished an open book exam in the early hours of this morning so I’m starting to doze off).

The benefits of being with one company really depends on the company itself and its culture. If you work with an organisation that places importance on creating a conducive culture that values growth, diversity, equal opportunity and so on, then you are in a better position for personal growth.

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It’s even more rewarding when you are in an emerging industry with immense potential for economic and social advancement.

BAPNG: What does winning the Westpac Outstanding Woman of the Year award mean for you?

LT: I was asked this question when interviewed for the award.  I simply hope to inspire others. PNG is in need of more role models. So I hope to encourage more women to aspire for senior executive roles.

I believe there is a need for more women in executive leadership roles.

Women, being mothers, have a natural ability to think sustainably and they tend to place a priority on supporting a larger social structure, and those are important leadership values that are imperative for sustainable growth and ethical standards.

BAPNG: You are also Chair of the newly-formed PNG Business Coalition for Women. What are you hoping the coalition will achieve?

LT: More women into leadership roles, into formal employment and into key development industries. BCFW will do this by providing innovative and relevant tools, resources and advice to help businesses build their capacity in-house, so they can provide a more conducive working environment for women to be able to excel as employees, leaders and business partners.


  1. Suzanne Sapa says


    I have been encouraged to find out more about PNG Business Coalition for Women and join the organisation. I’m currently employed by Newcrest Mining Limited as Compliance Administrator and would like to take on the next step in Leadership & Management roles within the organisation I work for. Are there tools and resources available that BCFW can provide?

    Kind regards,

    Suzanne Sapa

  2. Congratulations to you, The Country manager Lesiele Taviri,on my perspective i can see that origin energy is poping out just recenlty, providing easier services to the people of png.
    That is by providing easier access for the lcal villagers to have used the products such as smart energy compo pack, setting agents close tothe local villages so that even the local villages can easily access for it..

    All in all i would like to comment that the origin energ yis really doing very well with the local community level and aslo in the national leval by sponsoreing the events like ,Vocal fussion in png and son on…

  3. My congratulations to Lesiele Taviri for “leading the way”. Great to see and read about executive women shining their light for others to follow. We need young leaders in the Pacific who can achieve results with people. Again- congratulations!

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