Flippin’ good: new burger store opens in Port Moresby


The Dirty Kitchen has open another store in Port Moresby and is growing its reputation as offering some of the best burgers in town.

Chef Miguel Darcy. Credit: Leilani Stephen & The Dirty Kitchen

With its juicy half-pound hamburgers, secret cheese sauce and specially made semibrioche buns, budding diner The Dirty Kitchen is quickly gaining a reputation for some of the best burgers in Port Moresby.

The store, already at Ela Beach and Boroko, opened another outlet in Gordons in September.

On its menu are the popular cooked-to-order Belhat Chicken burgers, stuffed with crunchy fillets and sweet pickles, and the signature Dirty Beef, a plump, textured patty griddled in a perfect 75:25 ratio of meat to fat – both served with chips.

The Dirty Kitchen

A juicy quadruple beef burger from The Dirty Kitchen. Credit: Leilani Stephen & The Dirty Kitchen

There are also running specials such as the Cheesy Bacon Belhat, which contains fried bacon bits, and the Steak Onion Mushroom, layered with strips of medium-rare meat and caramelised onions.

Other favourites include Tex-Mex prawn tacos and – get this – fried chicken with waffles.

Chef Darcy Miguel will also do customised burger fillings, so just about anything goes.

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Chioma Agwu Kalu, 16, holds the record of 27 minutes for eating a nine-patty burger in The Dirty Burger Challenge. If you beat this by eating a 10-patty burger in the allotted time of 35 minutes you will get the 175 kina meal for free, a T-shirt that says ‘I am a record-holder of The Dirty Burger Challenge’, and a sponsored Facebook post with your name and photo.

Miguel says there’s more fun to come, with a keto burger ‘in the works’. It will comprise a low-carb bun made of psyllium husk and coconut flour, as well as a vegan variation.

When & where

The Dirty Kitchen, Soare Street, Gordons, open 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday; Ground Floor, ADF Haus, Ela Beach, open 9am to 9pm
Monday to Saturday; Hagwa Street, Boroko, open 9am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday.

The article Flippin’ good: new burger store opens was first published in the October/November issue of PNG Now, Papua New Guinea’s leading lifestyle magazine.

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