HP’s Paul Burman talks technology megatrends and Papua New Guinea


Hewlett Packard (HP) Megatrends Ambassador Paul Burman will be speaking at Innovation PNG 2019 in Port Moresby on 8 November. Business Advantage PNG caught up with him to find out more about his topic, ‘Global Megatrends Influencing Technology and Transformation’.

Business Advantage PNG: How do you define ‘Megatrends’ and which ones will you be talking about at Innovation PNG 2019?

Hewlett Packard’s Paul Burman

Paul Burman (PB): Megatrends are transformative global forces that affect our world with their far-reaching impact on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and personal lives.

The Chief Technology Officer of HP created a team to do research into the trends of tomorrow. We’re not only looking at cool things that could become an HP product in future, but we use megatrends to set our company strategy and help our partners prepare for the future.

As one of HP’s Megatrends Ambassadors, I am not trying to sell HP products. Instead, I am responsible for sharing this information with audiences around our region – to help them prepare for the future.

‘We are moving from a connected world to a cognitive world where AI will be present in every electrified device.’

On 8 November, I’ll be focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and accelerated innovation.

BAPNG: What does AI mean in a PNG context?

PB: There are a lot of misconceptions about AI. Will it take over our job? We don’t think so.

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We are moving from a connected world to a cognitive world where AI will be present in every electrified device. That will allow humans to focus on what they do best, be creative and use adaptive thinking.

In PNG, that will have big implications for things like health and education.

BAPNG: How could it give access to healthcare to more people in PNG?

PB: AI is already democratising healthcare. Traditionally, it’s been necessary to travel to a doctor but AI/chat bots are now able to replace that entry-level doctor’s consultation, providing much easier and cheaper access.

BAPNG: What about education?

PB: AI can upskill kids regardless of their backgrounds. It can also track their entire educational journey to provide personal learning with tailored lesson plans. That will enable teachers to concentrate on facilitating that learning.

Hewlett Packard Megatrends Ambassador Paul Burman will be speaking at the inaugural Innovation PNG Conference, to be held at the Stanley Hotel, Port Moresby on 8 November.

For more information, visit www.innovationpng.com.

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