Interview: Brett Goschen, Chief Executive Officer, Digicel Papua New Guinea


Boosting data speeds and widening broadband coverage are the aims of Digicel’s incoming Chief Executive Officer, Brett Goschen. He told Business Advantage PNG he will be drawing on his experiences in Africa to help transform the telecommunications landscape in Papua New Guinea.

Digicel PNG's Brett Goschen

Digicel PNG’s Brett Goschen

Business Advantage PNG (BAPNG): You come to PNG from several roles in Africa. What do you find most satisfying about working in developing economies?

Brett Goschen (BG): For me, most definitely, was being part of an industry that so visibly and in such a short space of time transformed the lives of so many hundred of millions of people.

In most Africa countries, before the introduction of GSM, there were few ‘fixed telephone lines’ and only a tiny elite section of the population had access to telephony. GSM operators changed all of that and bought communication to the vast majority of the population and significantly contributed to the socio-economic development of Africa over the last 15 to 20 years.

More recently the advent of smart phones is having a profound effect on how people live, work and play.

BAPNG: What do you see as your major goals for the year ahead?

BG: My first major goal is to improve the customer experience at all touch points with Digicel. There are many but to illustrate some examples, would include data throughput speeds, network availability, value propositions, promotions, self service, call centre, and product availability.

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My second major goal is to set Digicel PNG back on the growth path which I intend to do by improving the customer experience and providing more value to the market through more affordable pricing and innovative products and services.

BAPNG: Digicel has pioneered adoption of the mobile phone in PNG. Clearly, demand and customer expectations continue to rise. What plans does Digicel have to further expand and develop its network and capacity, with particular reference to business services?

BG: Digicel already has an extensive country wide network and our current focus is:

  1. to increase data throughput speeds including upgrading sites from 2G to 3G or 4G and
  2. working with the Government to extend mobile Broadband services to an additional 500,000 people over the next few months.

To compliment our mobile network, Digicel also offers VSAT services to business customers in remote locations and this enables us to offer internet and voice service to customers wherever they are located in PNG.

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