Next in fashion: Papua New Guinea’s potential to grow its fashion industry


Fashion designer Anna Amos wants to introduce Papua New Guinean tribal prints to the world. She told PNG Now‘s Mary Aseari about her plans for fashion label AA Tribal and her participation in the Dubai World Expo.

AA Tribal fashion designs Anna Amos

Fashion designer Anna Amos enjoys breakfast at PNG’s Nature Park Cafe. Credit: Godfreeman Kaptigau

Your fashion label is called AA Tribal. Why is that called that?

Well, ‘AA’ is for my name, ‘Anna Amos’, and because I am into textile, I really want to bring the Papua New Guinean tribal prints out into the international arena and world market.

What inspires your designs?

Unquestionably my place of origin is my biggest inspiration. I come from the district of Gumini, which is a remote area in Chimbu Province. My place is very remote and is full of natural designs. I’d say the second thing that inspires me is the reaction of the people that follow my work. When they admire my work and give me that ‘wow’ reaction it becomes the driving force and pushes me to create more quality and authentic PNG content.

‘I believe PNG has the potential to grow in the fashion industry and we are getting there, we just need to fine tune.’

Tell us a bit about your pathway into design.

My decision to be a designer was largely influenced by my place of origin and family. My brother graduated from the National Arts School, so he was part of the reason I decided to go to arts school. I got into textiles and graduated with a diploma. I went overseas and then worked with a few non-government organisations in PNG, before joining the University of PNG as a lecturer under the creative arts strand. It took me a while to develop my designing skills and to bring them out in full force for people to enjoy.

What are some of the highlights of your design career?

Every year I design for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG. I also take part in the South Pacific Festival of Arts. I have participated in several other international platforms, like the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show in New Zealand and the London Pacific Fashion Week in the UK.

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Do you think the PNG fashion industry has potential to grow?

Yes, definitely. We might not be at the level where developed countries are at in terms of fashion, but if we (as a society)can colour coordinate the design elements in our everyday wear, or match our accessories with our clothing, that is an indication that we are aware of and awake to the fashion trends that are available. I believe PNG has the potential to grow in the fashion industry and we are getting there, we just need to fine tune.

When are you releasing your next collection and what might we expect?

My next collection will appear at the Dubai World Expo (opening in October). You should expect to see more tribal patterns.

This an edited version of the article ‘Breakfast with… Anna Amos fashion and textile designer’ which was first published in the October issue of PNG Now, Papua New Guinea’s leading lifestyle magazine.


  1. Roselyne Akua says

    Your story has inspired me very much. And I want to follow your footsteps. I want to be another Anna Amos to touch hearts and inspire our younger generation of women to follow our footsteps to drive the FASHION Industry in PNG.
    Hooray Anna Amos AA Tribal Designer you are my hero. Ambai love you from Mama Roselyne Akua 💖

  2. Anna Amos is Papua New Guinea’s best fashion designer.

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