Profiles: Laba Holdings and Hides Gas Development Company


The PNG LNG Project has led to the creation of new landowner companies.

Hides gas Development Company's Libe Parindali (far right) meets with the operations team from ExxonMobil

Hides Gas Development Company’s Libe Parindali (far right) meets with the operations team from ExxonMobil

During the construction phase the Hides Gas Development Company (HGDC) (upstream in the Southern Highlands), and Laba Holdings (downstream in the area around the processing plant close to Port Moresby), have exclusive rights to carry out certain key activities such as labour hire, transport, security and catering. This not only guarantees local engagement in the project, but will hopefully lead to skills transfer and the creation of sustainable local businesses that can continue to operate into the future.

‘Our primary business at this moment is labour hire, both skilled and unskilled. We need to maximise the opportunity provided by the construction phase, of 3-4 years to make a profit for our shareholders,’ HGDC’s Chairman Libe Parindali tells Business Advantage.

Both companies have entered into joint ventures with established companies in each of the so-called mandated activities to access international expertise, as Executive Chairman Raho Kevau explains:

‘We are working with Air Energi on the labour hire side, the Alliance Group for catering, and also have a 50% JV with Guard Dog Security to form Laba Security Services.’

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The goal is that the companies will be able to continue to operate on a sustainable basis thereafter.

‘We want to win the upstream maintenance contact from Exxon,’ says Libe Parindali. HGDC is also working on a commercial and residential development at Para in the project area, an hour from Tari, with MOUs already signed with joint venture partners for a trade store, hardware store and bank. Laba Holdings is also planning ahead.

‘We don’t have any natural resources in our area so we need to maximise our human resources,’ says Raho Kevau. ‘Our focus is to up-skill those people who are currently working on the site, as well as offering vocational training in trades and hospitality. We also want to encourage local people to undertake business ventures.’

This article first published in Business Advantage PNG 2012/2013


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