The 2018 survey on PNG real estate now underway


The 2018 PNG Real Estate Survey has now commenced and public is invited to share their views about PNG’s real estate industry by visiting:

The inaugural survey was launched last year (2017) by and revealed important information regarding real estate industry trends, areas of demand and future market predictions.

Hausples General Manager Tom Snelling said the feedback from last year’s survey was encouraging and bodes well for the real estate and financial services sectors, as well as the PNG economy more broadly.

“Though prices were perceived as high in 2017, the majority of respondents felt that it was a good time to make a property purchase. Conversely, 13.07 per cent of people believed it was a better time to sell a home,” he said.

“We are very curious to understand what people perceive now compared to when they completed survey in 2017,” said Snelling.

The 2017 survey also revealed that many working-class Papua New Guineans are, or intend to, invest in their own properties.

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Snelling said: “Despite the long time prevalence of customary land ownership (stretching back to the pre-colonial era), working class Papua New Guineans are beginning to understand the value that homeownership brings to their families and they are increasingly investing in their own properties.”

Property prices, security and close proximity to public transport and services continued to play a big part in influencing the decisions of prospective buyers.

But these factors did not dissuade a majority of the respondents, who declared plans to spend approximately half a million PNG Kina on a property.

The 2018 PNG Real Estate Survey is fully digital and only takes 5-7 minutes to complete. All participants who provide an email address will be sent copies of the 2018 Report.

To make things even more exciting, participants will also have the chance to win a Samsung Phone or an equivalent worth K1000!

Complete the survey now by visiting





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