Alluvial mining project seeks joint venture partners


Ramu Resource Development Limited is seeking joint venture partnership in developing an Alluvial mining project in the Middle Ramu District of Madang Province.

The size of the project and its value is worth K2.2million.

The project commenced in 2010 under EL1755 and operated with initial investor – Australia PNG Minerals Ltd until 2012.

In 2013 the project proponent applied for a new exploration license (EL2299) in partner- ship with Premier Projects (PNG) Ltd.

The project proponent is now seeking a new developer to develop a mechanize alluvial mining project.

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All previous exploration information including data, maps and reports of exploration filed with the Minerals Resource Authority indicate high mineralization deposits identified in several areas within the mine tenement area.

For further information, you may contact

Benny Limbe


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