Countdown to the 2023 Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference starts


With just a month to go until this year’s Business Advantage Papua New Guinea Investment Conference (Brisbane, 10 & 11 August), here’s an idea of what to expect.

The conference’s program is mostly finalised and we’re really excited it features one of Australia’s best-known business commentators, Alan Kohler. He not only has a sound grasp of current business trends, but also the knack of communicating his ideas in a clear and entertaining way.

Another international expert, KPMG’s Jonathan Peacock, will provide insights into getting your ESG strategy right in PNG. Meanwhile Westpac’s Senior Economist Justin Smirk will share “Six things every business leader needs to know about PNG’s economy”.

Other carefully-curated sessions will feature topical presentations from CEOs representing the whole spectrum of the PNG economy; from ExxonMobil PNG and PNG’s Mineral Resources Authority to Nasfund, Steamships and Trukai Industries.

Among this year’s case studies is Ultimax, the story of how a graphic designer ended up founding up one of PNG’s most successful security firms.

As a bonus session, I’ll be hosting a quick-fire Pacific Islands Business Briefingon the Friday morning, with high-profile speakers including the CEO of Investment Fiji providing updates on the wider Pacific Islands economy.

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We are returning to the exactly the same space that served us so well last year- the Boulevard Auditorium at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC, pictured below). However, we have added a convenient new delegate networking lounge (sponsored by Santos) to help ensure ‘every conversation is worthwhile’.

The second weekend in August also happens to be a huge one for sport in Brisbane, so once the conference is over take your pick of live action from the NRL, AFL or even FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer.

We look forward to welcoming you to PNG’s premier international business event.

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