Corporate Social Responsibility Special Feature


Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, will be presented as a special feature in the November/December edition of Paradise magazine.

Awareness surrounding CSR has been steadily increasing as companies aim to ensure that the way they conduct their business is socially and economically viable. CSR can present itself in a range of activities such as: engaging in community initiatives, establishing environmental programs and engaging in socially responsible investment.

Given the unique and growing nature of the PNG economy, Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a prominent factor in how businesses are viewed. This feature will explore current CSR initiatives, how it can benefit business and the opportunities that it creates. It will also include case studies of how CSR has been implemented in PNG companies.

This unique feature provides an excellent context in which companies operating in this environment can promote their brand.

Advertising rates are as follows:

Qtr page: $1,630

Half page: $2,660

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Full page: $4,360

Booking deadline is 13 September 2019

Artwork deadline is 20September 2019

Paradise magazine: Paradise is the in-flight magazine of Air Niugini and PNG’s most read publication. It is available on-board all Air Niugini international flights and selected domestic services. 

Digital magazine: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ special feature will also be published in a state-of-the-art digital magazine and will be promoted through BAI’s popular online business magazine ( and weekly email alert.

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