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Working from home seems to be here to stay. Business now need to make sure employees have access to what they need to thrive – and Data#3 has the technological solutions to ensure everyone succeeds in this new environment..

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The pandemic is affecting many facets of our daily lives, including the way we work. A rapidly increasing number of employers across the world are requiring their people to work remotely as part of the efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. However, this may not be an isolated shift. According to new Lenovo research recently completed in mid-March 2020, the majority of employees surveyed across five countries believe this may have a long-lasting impact on how employers view remote-work policies.

In fact, according to this research, workers feel at least somewhat ready to make the shift to working from home if required (87 per cent). This continues to look like a possibility, as the majority of companies have either encouraged (46 per cent) or required (26 per cent) remote work since the COVID-19 pandemic took effect.

Especially during these disruptive times, technology can enable us to keep moving forward.

Lenovo’s range of technology solutions provides the means to greatly enhance business communications and productivity, helping to transform any size organisation from smart to smarter. Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group offers the right technology solutions to seamlessly connect employees and ideas while increasing productivity and unleashing creativity.

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From the desktop to mobility solutions and everything in between, Data#3 is your go-to partner for secure devices for every user and work style. As a Lenovo Platinum Partner, Data#3 can help you configure and implement a Lenovo solution that’s right for your business. Our significant breadth of capability means we can deliver solutions backed by flexible support and servicing options. We combine the latest technology from leading vendors, including Lenovo, with more than 40 years of industry experience and expertise, to help you create the best environment for your customers and staff.

  • Data#3 is Lenovo’s only Platinum Partner operating in the Pacific Islands.
  • Data#3 has a local office and team based in Suva, Fiji.
  • Data#3 has been helping customers to solve their business challenges through the use of technology for over 23 years in Fiji and PNG.

Empower your employees with the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 – Powerful laptop, cost-conscious pricing

  • We’ve redesigned the look and feel of the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 laptop – the bezel has been greatly reduced to yield a much cleaner, smarter display. With a starting weight of just 1.38 kg, you’ll want to take it everywhere.
  • Keep your data and your privacy safe with our comprehensive suite of ThinkShield security features. Discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) encrypts data and works in conjunction with Windows 10 security. ThinkShutter blocks the lens on both the IR and HD cameras. And the fingerprint reader uses biometrics to log you in with a simple touch.
  • The ThinkPad L13 laptop features Dolby Audio Premium®, which delivers crystal-clear audio when watching videos or taking a call. And dual far-field mics ensure that you’ll be heard clearly on every call as well.

To learn more, request pricing or to speak with a Data#3 Lenovo expert, contact us today.

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