Hausples online flash sale generates over 1,000 registrations


The Hausples Online Flash Sale event offering discounted properties for rent to the public for a limited period of time has received a record of over 1,000 registrations with many property seekers demanding additional stock.

The event has been marketed in April as the first online event of its kind in an effort to sustain the real estate industry during the COVID-19 lockdown. In anticipation of the actual event, Hausples made properties visible to the public on 6 May – one week prior to the discounts being revealed – allowing property seekers to browse through properties and bookmark those of interest.

Discounts were revealed at the start of the event on 13 May and were due to be withdrawn on 15 May. However, as a result of popular demand, the Hausples Group decided to extend the offering for a further week until 19 of May. As a result, additional registrations of interest were received for all advertisers, including real estate agencies, Bank of South Pacific Financial Group Limited, Telikom PNG, Boroko Motors and others.

‘We are very pleased with the response received from property seekers. Considering this is the first online flash sale ever in PNG, we can safely say that it has been a successful proof of concept and we will definitely plan another event before the end of the year,’ says Tom Snelling, Hausples Pty Ltd General Manager.

‘We didn’t expect to receive such an overwhelming response and are delighted to see that people welcome online initiatives such as this one.’

The response by property seekers has been overwhelming and the online event has registered over 1,000 users over a one month period.

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‘We didn’t expect to receive such an overwhelming response and are delighted to see that people welcome online initiatives such as this one,’  added Tom Snelling.

Based on the data retrieved it has emerged that over 56 per cent of property seekers were actually looking after properties for sale and were ready to buy. 

‘We are in the process of analysing the data to improve on our next offering; however, early results show a huge demand for properties for sale in the capital city and in regional areas even from overseas investors. In the next event we will capitalise on this and will offer properties for sale at discounted prices,’ concluded Snelling.

With over 40 properties for rent showcased during the event, Hausples has definitely made a splash in the real estate market by supporting real estate agencies, industry related businesses and property seekers during an unprecedented time.

The dates and business program of the next online event have not been released, yet Tom Snelling advised that Hausples Pty Ltd is already receiving unsolicited requests to participate and advertise in the next event and suggests advertisers get in touch for an early bird offer.

If you would like to advertise your properties or business in the next event please contact the Hausples team on 7470 0243 or email

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