Have your say: Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific Export Capability Survey


If you are a Far North Queensland business, organisation or individual who is currently exporting, would like to export or used to export to the Pacific we would love to hear from you and ask that you complete the Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific Export Capability Survey.

Tradelinked Cairns-PNG-Pacific has recently released an Export Capability Survey as part of a broader project to consider Far North Queensland’s Capability Profile to Service the Pacific Region.

Tradelinked has engaged the Exchange, Information & Innovation Centre (EIIC) and Compass Research to assist with the project.

The profile will examine the capacity of Far North Queensland businesses, organisations and individuals to step up and be part of a broader service centre offering to its Pacific neighbours. It will also help provide collateral development to ensure a consistent marketing message of capability across the Region.

The analysis of the survey responses will assist to better understand the Far North’s ability to engage with PNG and the Pacific region and strengthen requests to Local, State and Federal Governments to better support trade and development within the region at all levels.

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This project is being supported by the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council.

The survey will be open until 31 August. Click here to access it.

For further information on the project or to access the survey via a QR Code visit the project page on the Tradelinked website at www.tradelinked.com.au

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