How Sprint Networks guarantees 99% uptime for PNG enterprises


For 10 consecutive years, the #1 impediment in PNG and the Pacific Islands reported by the top 100 CEOs has been unreliable telecommunications. But that hasn’t prevented Sprint Networks from delivering outstanding data services in the Pacific with guaranteed uptimes exceeding 99%.

This feat is something Sprint Networks is very proud of and they attribute it to the unique design methodology employed when building Pacific Island Data Networks. Over the last 4 years Westpac Bank have enjoyed a network uptime of over 99% for all their branches in PNG and Fiji.

We asked Sprint Networks CTO, Jit Anbu to explain the magic behind these numbers. According to Jit, there’s no secret to these remarkable network uptimes, but a lot to do with how Telikom and Digicel links are utilised in tandem and using a blend of dynamic routing protocols over a Secure Software-Defined Network.

More than 50% of IT budgets are spent on service providers; most enterprises use two or more service providers hoping it would improve branch up-time and overall link performances. This premise, however, does very little for network uptime and improvements if the right architecture and designis not in place. “Enterprises never get to use all service provider links simultaneously due to the lack in technology within their networks, resulting in a loss of money. This underutilisation of bandwidth is one of the primary causes for poor uptime”. – says Jit.

So how and what can improve uptime? Unfortunately, there are no off-the-shelf products that can deliver this type of service. It requires careful design, hardware improvements and proven traffic engineering techniques.

Apart from achieving these incredible uptimes, where Sprint Networks’ WAN solution really shines is in optimising business critical data/voice traffic and SaaS applications, such as Office365, Zoom and SalesForce. Granular, traffic engineering policies carefully designed based on customer requirements have seen over 80% percent of business critical traffic being optimised, resulting in improvements in productivity and better staff engagements.  These optimisation techniques were tested in a recent trail for NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society (NCSL) at one of its worst performing branch sites at Popondetta. The result was – Popondetta was deemed a top 3 best performing branch for NCSL by its IT team.

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Uptime is important, what about security? How secure are your data links? According Sprint Networks Operations manager Kay Kang, improving network uptime alone is not enough for enterprises. They need to pay special attention to Cyber and Network Security. Just when you think Sprint Networks WAN solutions couldn’t get any better, they have addressed one the most important aspects of modern data networks by incorporating a complete suite of Cyber and threat management features. Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS and IPS) are crucial for any business today and so is secure VPN for remote teleworks. Nowhere in the world any Telco or Service Provider will vouch for the security of their data links, this is a known fact. This is no different in the Pacific Islands. current threats are largely limited to the hardware and infrastructure build, but sooner rather than later your intellectual property and data integrity will be under immense risk from Man-In-The-Middle type attacks. As an example, how would an organisation with branches in Lae, Alotau and Wewak secure their transit traffic to the head-office in POM? Answer: by encrypting all branch traffic. Every WAN circuit built by Sprint Networks is encrypted using 256bit secure tunnels. This will bulletproof your network security say Kay Kang.

Sprint Networks believes there is no shortage in technology in the Pacific Islands. “Most companies in the Pacific Islands love to bring in new Tech, cutting-edge hardware and push new Apps, but their underlying infrastructure does not lend itself to make this a reality” says Jit Anbu.

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