Investment opportunity: Pawia Limited


The proposed project is prawn and barramundi farming. The company is interested in sourcing an investor or developer to come on board as JV business partner.




Lower East Kikori, Kikori District, Gulf Province

Project size/Investment value

Directors and resource owners have agreed for any reputable investors to come on board as JV Partners and all cost to be borne by the Investors. Pawia Limited has agreed that the company will offer higher percentage to the investor or investors, subject to their terms and conditions through mutual business understanding. They are looking for investors from Europe, Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand and perhaps any reputable business groups from the Pacific countries.

This project is an initiative of the genuine land owners within Kope and Urama Tribe of Wowobo village in the lower East Kikori, Gulf Province. In addition, resource owners—the paramount chief of this village and the community at large—have endorsed Pawia Ltd as the landowner company, to engage a reputable investor or go into a joint venture business arrangement.

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The prawn farming with its hatchery, recycling method and barramundi farming will operate for a long time, which will bring economic enhancement to our government and the country as a whole.

The landowners believe that prawn farming is the first of its kind in the country and in high demand both locally and abroad.

For further inquiries and those interested, see contact details.

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