Kololobe Cocoa Dealers


There is a new exciting opportunity for an overseas investor to establish a joint-venture partnership with local cocoa dealers in East New Britain Province.

Kololobe Cocoa Dealers

Kololobe Cocoa Dealers is a project at Ratavul 2 in Gazelle District. Credit: IPA

Kololobe Cocoa Dealers is a project located at Ratavul 2, Toma-Vunadidir Local Level Government, Gazelle District of East New Britain Province. The project is currently looking at establishing a Joint Venture partnership with an overseas investor. The project is looking at a total investment of 22.2K EUR (15.4K EUR).

Total investment opportunity type: joint venture

Project annual sales – 1.1K EUR

The project was initiated on 1 June 2021 to participate in the PNG and East New Britain Province Development Projects using the Public and Private Partnership or PPP concept to boost the local cash flow into the economy of the province and the country.

The business is currently participating in a string of business activities. The current business activity is cocoa buying from locals and is now looking at exporting to overseas markets. The business’ main interest is seeking an investor to export directly to the main source (manufacturers) overseas.

Also, the joint venture partnership with any interested investor will lead towards the expansion of the project’s current set up. The project is also looking at venturing into downstream processing in the long run.

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The current production volume is 2,800 plus of cocoa bags. The project is looking at increasing its production volume in the coming months.

The project currently plays significant roles in alleviating poverty, encouraging social welfare, encouraging gender equality, and promoting peace and harmony with the local wards, LLGs, districts, and the entire province. The project also establishes partnerships, networks, and linkages with the development partners to create a workable environment for our local cocoa farmers and smallholders.

For more information, please contact the IPA office to get through the local contact: Anthony Love Karani.

Email investment@ipa.gov.pg

Phone: 308 4400 or 321 7311

Advertiser:  Investment Promotion Authority

Website: ipa.gov.pg
Email:  investment@ipa.gov.pg