Monier – a company built on a solid foundation


Providing high-quality construction products across Papua New Guinea.

Monier is a construction product supply business based in Port Moresby, PNG, employing around 300 staff, and a part of the wider Constantinou Group of Companies. The company has been in operation in PNG for over 60 years and is the single largest producer, supplier and distributor of construction materials and building products in the country.

The name Monier dates back to 1887, when Joseph Monier exhibited his inventions of iron mesh-reinforced concrete in the Paris Exposition. That year he was awarded his first patent for reinforced concrete products. The modern day Monier, based in PNG, was established in 1958 and was purchased in 2005 by the Late Chief Sir Theophilus G. Constantinou.

Monier operates several divisions, including quarry and sand material supply, ready-mix concrete supply, and finished concrete products. The latter consists of a specialist pre-cast division, a reinforced concrete pipes division, Masonry concrete blocks and a pavers division. Monier also has a specific plastic division known as Monier Water Solutions, which offers a range of water and septic tanks as well as HDPE polyethylene (plastic) pipes.

Monier has been fortunate enough to be involved in some of the largest and technically demanding projects in the country, which includes aggregate supply to the LNG Project, the Japanese Embassy, the American Embassy, the APEC Haus, Hilton Hotel, Airways Hotel, Port Moresby Sewerage Treatment Works upgrade, Nine Mile to Laloki Road reconstruction and the NADZAB airport reconstruction project.

Quality guarantee

Within PNG, Monier is renowned for the quality of its products, which is the core focus of the business. Monier prides itself on being able to guarantee quality in its products, as well as assuring conformity to project specifications. The company achieves this through its vigorous and continuous testing throughout the production process, from the raw material to the finished product.

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Testing is done through Monier’s onsite state-of-the-art laboratory which is also PNGLAS accredited. All products go through internal processes which test if a product will fail from the outset. Monier operates to the globally recognised ISO standards, which reinforces the internal processes from a quality, environmental and occupational health and safety position.

Behind Monier

Management of Monier recognises that without good, well-trained employees, there would be no business to operate. As such, Monier takes hiring, training and up-skilling of staff very seriously. Once the most suitable candidates are found for a position, time and effort is invested into that person to up-skill them internally through a mentoring program and externally through educational courses. Staff are empowered and are provided with tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. Matthew McLachlan, General Manager of Monier Limited said ‘we believe this investment in our team members is reflected in the long-term retention of our employees with an average of five years of service.

‘Externally, Monier is committed to the community it operates in, providing funding and facilities for a school in Port Moresby. Monier supports the Buk Bilong Pikini program, which allows us to give directly back to the community to support literacy levels in the next generation of Papua New Guineans’.

The Constantinou Group considers healthcare to be essential for the community. The organisation provides support to Port Moresby General Hospital through the affiliation with the Sir Theo Foundations, and has undertaken projects such as the Port Moresby General Hospital car park upgrade and assisting with the installation of the Lady Maria Constantinou Palliative Care Ward, which opened in November 2020. These projects allow for the better allocation of hospital funds.

During the recent pandemic Constantinou Group contributed its services to the healthcare industry to prepare testing centres around Port Moresby, and also contributed much needed funds to assist with the pandemic response at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Supplying success

At Monier, business is vertically integrated; therefore the company controls the major inputs of the business. These integrations allow it to quarry or harvest the raw product, process it through the various divisions and deliver the finished concrete product to the client.

By nature, the supply chain is the key to success for Monier, as it is for many businesses. It assists with the efficient delivery and quality of the end product and the fluidity of operations. Monier also has a few key suppliers who it works with and holds in high regard, and the company ensures that both parties are operating effectively and sustainably in collaboration.

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