Nadzab Tomodachi international flight business survey from Lae Chamber of Commerce


The Lae Chamber of Commerce wants to know your thoughts on the potential for international flights out of the newly upgraded Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport.

The Lae Chamber of Commerce (LCCI) has launched a survey to determine potential business demand for international flights out of the newly-upgraded Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport.

Lae’s Nadzab Tomodachi is now a world-class international airport yet, to date, we have no international flights inward or outbound.

Understanding that this is not a ‘flick-the-switch’ solution, LCCI members have asked for a Survey which will quantify, by sample:

  • The potential number of people who would use an International Service DIRECT to/from (or through POM–LAE–destination and vice-versa),
  • With what frequency and whether Air Cargo import or export would justify this business case.

We know Air Niugini would like to make use of this international facility for international flights and hope this survey will provide some quantifiable data to substantiate this (or otherwise).

Please note: the LCCI has chosen FIVE (5) points of Destination and Departure, understanding there are always other requests, but it is felt that these would be the five main points of destination and departure to/from LAE.

Please answer honestly and with real numbers.

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Click here to access the survey

The deadline for the survey is Close of Business Friday 21 June.

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