Opportunity knocks: Tiansun Limited


A company is seeking potential investors to lease out its land for commercial agricultural projects.

The fertile Markham Valley near Lae is one of PNG’s most productive agricultural regions.

The proponents of the Tiansun Limited (UTSIAP customary land economic and business development project) are looking for a potential investor to lease out their land solely for commercial agricultural projects.

Sector: Agriculture

Location: Utsiap, Markham District, Lae, Morobe Province

Project size/Investment value: US$2.5 million

Project description

The project is an agro-based project preferably intended by the proponent to be established as a Commercial Agriculture Project.

The project site is located in the Utsiap area of Markham District, Lae, Morobe Province with more than 29,000 hectares of arable land available to be developed.

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The land is mostly savannah grass land and is conducive for multi cropping/farming like, agriculture (food crop, vanilla and spice, fruits and nuts farming), coffee, cocoa, rubber farming, and beef and sheep farming. The land is readily available to be leased out for a 49 year lease period to any potential investors.

The land is owned by customary landowners who have registered an Incorporated Land.

Group under the name Warawara Incorporated Land Group as a platform to partake in development opportunities.

Infrastructure developments such as electricity, road access, health centre, and water are available but yet to be connected to the project site. Local labour is also readily available for project implementation.

Necessary information and documents such as business plan, company profile as well as the Terms of Reference (ToR) for a possible Expression of Interests (EoI), IPA and IRC certificate’s, ILG Certificates and environmental & feasibility study reports concerning the project are available upon request.


Timothy Amos or Shannelle Ila’ava

Ph: (675) 75325900

(+675) 78126891

(+675) 75918129

Email: tiasunltd@gmail.com

Advertiser:  Investment Promotion Authority

Website: www.ipa.gov.pg
Email:  investment@ipa.gov.pg