Papua New Guinea 2022 National Budget Update [online business briefing]


Join our panel of experts for this special online ‘PNG Boardroom’ briefing on PNG’s 2022 Budget at 10am PNG time (UTC/GMT+10) on Tuesday 30 November.

This month’s 2022 National Budget is the Marape Government’s final budget before Papua New Guinea’s National Elections next year, and comes at a critical time in PNG’s economic cycle.

Has Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey managed to secure the funding to cover the government’s budget deficit? What new measures are being introduced and what’s their likely impact on business? What does the budget tell us about PNG’s economic prospects?

Our participants

  • Kishti Sen (Pacific Economist, ANZ Bank)
  • Douveri Henao, Executive Director, Business Council of PNG
  • Paul Barker, Executive Director, Institute of National Affairs

in conversation with Business Advantage International Publishing Director, Andrew Wilkins.

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This briefing is kindly sponsored by ANZ.

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