Promoting a conducive business environment in the Provinces


The Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) will be carrying out a Provincial Outreach Program with the theme: Promoting a conducive business environment in the Provinces.

The aim of the workshop is to establish a platform for discussions on issues that affect the growth of businesses in the country and how the relevant stakeholders can work in partnership with the provincial governments in delivering Government services that would address these issues.

The following Provinces will be visited to carry out the programs:

  1. Gulf: 2nd – 3rd Nov 2017
  2. Kimbe: 7th – 8th Dec 2017
  3. Kavieng: 16th – 17th Nov 2017
  4. Central Province: 20th – 24th Nov 2017
  5. Rabaul: 8th – 10th Nov 2017
  6. Lae: 23rd – 24th Nov 2017
  7. Madang: 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2017
  8. Oro: 7th – 8th Dec 2017
  9. East Sepik: 16th – 17th Nov 2017

We are inviting business houses, SMEs and stakeholders in those provinces to join us in those workshops for a collective feedback on business issues in the provinces.

For more information, please contact our office on 308 4420 or email

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