Silomco – a potential oil palm development project in East and West Sepik provinces seeks partner



Local company Silomco Limited seeks a Joint Venture partnership to develop a potential oil palm project.

The project is located in Wewak, East Sepik Province to Telefomin (Headwagi area) in the West Sepik Province and the project proponent is seeking an investment value of K2 million (US$620 million) for this project which holds potential in growth.

The total amount of land proposed for cultivation and associated infrastructures is 450,000 hectares while a further 150,000 can be made available for other agricultural, livestock and forestry developments.

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The Silomco Project recognises food security as an important goal to strive for and this project aims to address this issue among others.

The business plan involves a core asset of 50,000 hectares as the central plantation while 350,000 hectares will be sub-divided into Smallholder Blocks of 7 hectares each (50,000 blocks). The remaining 50,000 hectares will be reserved for all other associated and complementary infrastructures such as a road network, an airstrip, a township with associated amenities and buffer zones including conservation areas and parks. It is expected to have up to 40 Milling Plants, several refineries and a bio-fuel processing plant.

The project proposes to construct a main highway of up to 120 kilometers connecting Aitape where a sea-port (wharf) will be built to take delivery of incoming goods and shipment of finished products to markets. The project proponents are seeking potential developers with the technical capabilities and financial capacity to discuss options under a Joint Venture arrangement in developing this project.

For further information please contact the following via email, or Mr Kamis Yalakun (Acting Manager – Investment Promotion Unit, IPA, Tel: +675 308 4531 and email

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Phone: +675 308 4531