Review: Bakeology Cafe and Bakery, Port Moresby


Tucked between the trees at the Shady Rest Hotel in Port Moresby is the hotel’s newest dining spot, Bakeology Cafe & Bakery. Mary Tao samples its wares.

Outdoors at Bakeology. Credit: Lennox Matainaho

There are two seating areas in the alfresco-style cafe: round tables on the ground level surrounded by plants, and the deck upstairs with larger tables also surrounded by greenery, but this time with the tops of trees.

When I arrive at Bakeology for breakfast, the kitchen staff have just replenished the most popular item on the menu, the quiche. There are two types: a bacon, broccoli and cauliflower, and a vegetarian option with eggplant zucchini and tomato.

The cafe’s busiest time is 7am to 8.30am. On weekdays, the place is filled with working people getting their caffeine fix, and is perfect for early risers because of the 5am opening time. Bakeology aims to present customers with the perfect cup of coffee using local Banz Kofi, coffee grown in Mount Hagen, Western Highlands. Fresh dairy milk is used, but an assortment of milk (soy, almond, macadamia, lactose-free) is available if that’s your preference.

If you want to grab something quickly, there are plenty of ready-made options, including an assortment of freshly baked muffins, which sit in beautiful woven baskets, and scones that come with butter or cream and mixed berry coulis. Don’t forget to try the chewy chocolate chip cookies, which are made from a recipe by Shady Rest’s general manager, Ziya Rayani.

‘If you want to indulge, Bakeology also offers waffles and ice cream.’

Rayani had a hand in creating every dish with her team and tells me that the menu is a fusion of influences from her home, Canada, and styles from all over the world.

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Dishes include a Thai chicken wrap, Italian ciabatta with double-smoked ham, and bagels with cream cheese, which are, of course, popular in New York.

Chicken and waffles. Credit: Lennox Matainaho

I decide to try the chicken and waffles (pictured), a dish that’s a hit on the weekends. The crispy boneless chicken pieces are fried in a Southern- style batter and have a hint of spice. Covered in freshly made aioli, the chicken sits on a fluffy waffle. There is a side of extra aioli and Canadian maple syrup, perfect for dipping or to pour over if you prefer. Trying one dip after the other doesn’t disrupt the palate and it all works together, the perfect marriage between sweet and savoury. If you want to indulge, Bakeology also offers waffles and ice cream.

I quench my thirst with one of the healthy smoothie options, tropical burst. It is a blend of
pineapple, mango, orange and pawpaw. I don’t leave without trying the baked blueberry cheesecake, which has a nice thick base with the right amount of crumble, a hint of lemon in the cream cheese filling, and blueberry topping and cream to bring everything together.

As I head out, more people are coming in for brunch, filling up the top deck, the beginning of what is sure to be a big lunch crowd.

When you pop into Bakeology, take a loaf of bread home with you. Rayani suggests the wholemeal rye bread, healthy and, like everything else on the menu, freshly made.

Where: Shady Rest Hotel, Taurama Road, 3 Mile
Phone: +675 8112 0000
Web: Find them on Facebook and Instagram: @bakeologypng
Open: Weekdays 5am to 4pm, weekends 7am to 5pm
Style: Cafe
Typical price: Wraps, sandwiches, burgers and bagels: PGK24–32. Desserts PGK12–19.
Coffee and matcha options (cold and hot): PGK8.90–20. Smoothies PGK19.50–30.
Our favourite dish: Chicken and waffles
In a Phrase: Fresh and flavourful

This article first published in the November/December 2023 issue of Paradise, the inflight magazine of Air Niugini.

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